Canning Vale Education Support Centre (6089)

School Overview

For Life We Learn

At Canning Vale Education Support Centre, we believe that students should be supported to learn essential independent living skills, acceptable social skills and effective communication, to become happy, resilient members of society. We share a campus with the Canning Vale Primary School and cater for children from Kindergarten to Year 6.

We pride ourselves on the programs we offer, (including early intervention). Each program enables the child to develop independence. We deliver learning programs to suit the differing learning styles of each child, enabling them to work towards and achieve their individual goals. Every child has an Individual education plan with pertinent short term and long term goals. Each plan is developed in consultation with you, associated therapists and teaching staff, and then delivered though our specialised programs.

Our most popular program (with parents, students and staff) is our Community Access Training Program (CATP). Children learn to use public transport safely, to navigate safely as pedestrians and to be considerate of other members of the public and to be mindful of their own safety (protective behaviours) in public situations. Every child receives a Smartcard and a Companion Card and from Year 1 when they are ready when they can move around the school grounds and stay in a group.

In all our classrooms, the emphasis is on independent living and functional academics. Children are offered cooking, laundry, self-care, gardening and housekeeping, and computer and iPad sessions. It is not unusual to see children harvesting vegetables from the garden to use in their cooking activities. Our independent living and sensory building has been specifically built with cooking, laundry and relaxation facilities.

Children in Kindergarten and Pre-primary are offered early intervention programs with evidenced based Applied Behavioural Analysis Philosophy strategies. This ensures they progress through incremental steps to achieve outcomes. We follow an accelerated curriculum for those children who will go onto their local schools.

We consider 'joining in' activities essential to enable children to participate outside of school in the community. Swimming and excursions are features of our 'joining in' focus and we encourage integration into mainstream art and physical education classes. All children participate in athletics carnival, and our Year 5 and 6 students attend an annual camp.

We have a proactive school board comprising mainly parents, staff and two community members and we have a happy school community. Every classroom displays positive messages so that classrooms only ever have quiet teaching voices and positive comments at all times. We use visual cues to redirect students and to wait for them to make a good choice. There are no harsh words!!

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