Cloverdale Primary School (5169)

School Overview

Cloverdale Primary School is highly regarded by the local community and is part of the Belmont Network of Schools. It is located in the inner metropolitan suburb of Cloverdale, 10kms from the Perth CBD. While Cloverdale Primary School has been an established school within the area for many years, the current Cloverdale Primary School was established with new buildings in 1998 after combining with Whiteside Primary School.
Students, staff and the community are all closely connected at Cloverdale Primary School and form strong relationships with each other in order to ensure that every child has success. All stakeholders are strongly committed to understanding our clientele and embracing all students from all backgrounds.
We endeavour to provide our students a range of academic and non-academic opportunities including Science, Physical Education, Technologies and The Arts. Students are encouraged to pursue their gifts within the community and through the local high school.
Staff at Cloverdale Primary School strive to cater for all of our students. We have a consistent approach to behaviour that is connected to our S.O.A.R. values developed through the Positive Schools Program: Safety, Organisation, Achievement and Respect & Responsibility. Implementing Positive Behaviour in Schools at Cloverdale Primary School has resulted in clear expectations for the whole school community. It is positive and proactive with a certainty of consequence. The policy incorporates strong anti-bullying tenets; providing a friendly, secure environment for students. Additional pastoral care is provided through strong Student Services, a breakfast program and School Chaplaincy.

Within our classes, the students engage with a lesson design that explicitly teaches skills and concepts to the students and then allows them to apply and reflect on them through their learning.
A partnership with the local community has ensured that families feel safe and supported. Our P and C committee work tirelessly to support our students. They have a strong commitment to ensure our school continues to grow. The School Board consists of an eclectic group of members from the school and local community. They are very supportive of the school vision and strategies that have been implemented and continue to offer strategic advice.
Cloverdale Primary School continues to grow from strength to strength. We strive to follow the Cloverdale way and develop skills, knowledge and confidence to achieve individual potential, encapsulated in our motto 'Aim High and SOAR. Everyone who attends Cloverdale is a 'Clover Kid' for life.