Mount Hawthorn Education Support Centre (6069)

School Overview

Mount Hawthorn Education Support Centre is a proud Independent Public School for children with special needs with a vision to promote the capabilities and independence of each child.

We aim to develop the necessary educational, physical and social skills and knowledge to prepare each child for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of secondary school. Our school uses the principles of applied behaviour analysis, and the curriculum is modified and broken down into small tasks which are taught separately using reinforcers to guide behaviour. Basic skills are then built on gradually at a speed suitable for each child.

To make sure children are challenged and supported, we offer two learning groups. The first consists of students who are diagnosed with a variety of intellectual disabilities who find it easier to work in a class with fewer students and a high ratio of staff to students. The second group comprises the Early Intensive Intervention Program students who have autism but no intellectual disability and who are aiming to go into mainstream full-time.

Our staff strive to provide a safe, socially just and supportive environment for children. To achieve this, we work closely with parents, carers, members of the local community and supporting agencies. Our school shares a campus, school board and a P&C with Mount Hawthorn Primary School, and we enjoy a strong relationship with its staff and local community.

Children can play in an enclosed outdoor sensory area with sandpit and toys on tiger turf. Our children mix with Mount Hawthorn Primary School children in the main playgrounds during recess and lunch breaks and are supported by education assistants at all times. Many of our students also attend selected mainstream classes to ensure plenty of socialisation with their mainstream peers.

Contact us to discover more about our school:
T: 9443 4022