Rapids Landing Primary School (5852)

School Overview

Founded in 2018, Rapids Landing Primary School is an innovative Independent Public School for children in Kindergarten to Year 6. We are a growing school, with a current enrolment of 363 students.

Our school focuses on challenging, invigorating and extending young minds. Our core purpose is to achieve excellence in all facets of your child's intellectual, physical and social development. We inspire them to be curious, motivated and engaged learners who will successfully adapt in an ever-changing world. Your child will thrive in an exciting and innovative learning setting where they'll reach their full potential.

Our passionate and experienced staff provide rich and diverse learning experiences that meet the needs and interests of every child. We cater for the unique needs and aspirations of local families and provide exceptional service to our proud and cohesive community as we create excellence together. We trust one another, which gives us the confidence to challenge ourselves, our community and our children to build a school culture that ensures your child has the opportunity to be the best they can be.

We have been given a unique opportunity to build a new school with a vision and ethos that reflects Margaret River, our community and most importantly, the needs of our children. We continue to work closely with our local community to develop a direction for our growing school to ensure it reflects the aspirations, uniqueness and diversity of our students and school community. In our latest Public School Review in 2021, our school was rated as Exceptional, validating the strong learning opportunities provided with students and the inclusive culture the school community thrives in. In recognition of our school's strong, positive culture and capacity of our staff to provide learning opportunities in multiple ways for a diverse clientele, Rapids Landing PS has been selected as a Quality Teaching Strategy Lead School for 2023-24, providing and a central component of system support for the Quality Teaching Strategy.

Set in a beautiful environment, we provide students, staff and families with some of the best facilities and resources on offer by any primary school in Western Australia. The school has state of the art facilities and resources to cater for modern teaching and learning. Classrooms have stylish, modern furniture that fosters the cooperative nature of today's learning environments.

To find out more about our school, visit our website www.rapidslandingps.wa.edu.au, follow us on Facebook or get in touch with us:
T: 9757 8200
E: RapidsLanding.PS@education.wa.edu.au