Cable Beach Primary School (5705)

School Overview

School Overview

Our Vision
Cable Beach Primary School's vision is to provide a values focused, culturally rich and inclusive environment where students thrive, developing a respectful attitude which fosters good citizenship and personal health and well-being (mabu liyan).

Our School
Cable Beach Primary School (CBPS) presents as an exciting and dynamic environment for students to learn. Our 4 values:

* Be Safe,
* Be Respectful,
* Be Resilient and Strong
* Be your Best

These values are embedded into our curriculum at every level. Using these values, the school implements a Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) program to enhance school culture. The aim is to teach and guide positive behaviours within a fun, safe, nurturing and inclusive environment.

Our school was officially opened in 1990 as the second public school in Broome catering for Kindergarten to Year 6 education. The school has a culturally diverse student and staff population and prides itself on the ability to work collaboratively and to follow the principles of inclusivity.

As an Independent Public School (IPS) and part of the Broome Cluster of Schools local decision making, greater independence and flexibility in regards to curriculum, recruitment, student support, financial and resource management is encouraged.

CBPS provides a wide range of programs that cater for the needs of our students including Art, Music and Physical Education. The school promotes literacy and numeracy with specialists who support staff to implement curriculum and improve teaching and learning. This is evident in the: 0-3 school readiness program; the speech and language program employed in the early childhood years; the explicit whole school English program; and the Teacher Development School (TDS) focus which delivers professional learning to all staff across Western Australia. Also, academic extension through PEAC and STEM courses are frequently offered.

The school is renowned for its work valuing Aboriginal Education and teaching the Yawuru traditional language and culture - an ongoing school focus. Whole school plans that improve education for our Indigenous students are guided by reflection against the Aboriginal Culture Standards Framework. Recently being reviewed (2019 Public School Review) as an effective school and consistent education award nominations reinforces the belief that CBPS is an outstanding school.

Guy Hayward

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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