Huntingdale Primary School (5598)

School Overview

At Huntingdale Primary School, we enable and encourage your child to achieve their personal best and potential. A focal point of our local area, we have a true sense of community that we have developed in and around our school. Around 700 students in Kindergarten to Year 6 learn at Huntingdale in our committed, collaborative and innovative learning environment that supports each individual to achieve. Our priorities for 2019-20 are Technology, Wellbeing, and Play and Learning, which we developed through consultation with our school community.

Our school's excellent teaching team is a neat blend of teachers with extensive experience and a group of more recently graduated teachers, meaning your child will benefit from a wide breadth of experiences. They will be exposed to a variety of teaching methods which will accommodate for your child's individual learning style. Your child will also have the opportunity to expand their knowledge in our specialist programs, such as Italian, Physical Education, Music, Visual Arts and Library Research studies.

Our early childhood program provides parents and carers with additional strategies to support their child's learning and language development. We are also a proud Teacher Development School, a true reflection on the talent of our staff. Our students and staff benefit from the additional opportunities, support and resources through this program.

Over 70 staff work to make our school an amazing place to learn. Your child will benefit from the experience of our school leadership team, consisting of our Principal, three Assistant Principals and Manager Corporate Services. Our support team includes a raft of Education Assistants who support students in all year levels, as well as School Officers, a Library Officer, a School Gardener and team of school-based cleaning staff.

We are an inclusive and cooperative school community that is respectful, welcoming and safe. Our school motto 'I Care' is the cornerstone of our processes and programs for child development, with a strong focus on reinforcing and rewarding good behaviour. Our students thrive in an environment where they are treated fairly and without prejudice in a happy, secure, caring, safe and supportive environment.

Dedicated facilities will help support your child's learning, including a modern library, full time canteen, two covered assembly areas and a community building. We are also a base for the local area school psychology service with seven professionals based here.

Our School Council meets twice each term to provide input to school policy and planning, led by chairperson Ms Anne Gisborne. We also have an amazing Parent and Citizens Association with over fifty members who add life to our school and additional resources for our students under the leadership of President Mr Scott Onley.

Visit our website to discover more about how your child can achieve their best at Huntingdale, or get in touch:

T: 9490 4944