Medina Primary School (5294)

School Overview

Medina Primary School, located in the Town of Kwinana, and bordered by natural bushland, industry and established housing,caters for students from Kindergarten to Year 6. Medina Primary School is a small school with the student population over the last few years between 140 and 200 students. Medina Primary School values its rich cultural diversity with approximately 40% of the student population being Aboriginal. At Medina we value family and community. You can find students of all ages playing happily together in the classroom and playground. Class sizes are small and well resourced.

Medina Primary School has specialist programs in LOTE (Noongar Language), Science and Physical Education. From 2011, Information Communication Technology beca3107Mayme a specialist teaching area. Literacy and Numeracy continue to be the two major priorities for the school, with the school receiving significant funding through the Federal Government's National Partnerships Initiative.

Medina Primary School has strong partnerships with families and community and, in 2007, the 'Danjoo Katajin' was developed to formalise the partnership between the school and community.

At Medina, we aim to prepare students for life in the 21st Century, to assist them to develop the tools to deal effectively with the opportunities and challenges they may encounter in a rapidly changing world. We know students need to be literate and numerate so that they can play an effective part in society and our school planning focuses on improved outcomes in these two key areas.

At Medina PS we not only strive to improve educational outcomes for students but we care about the social, physical and emotional needs of students and their families. Many of our pastoral care programs provide for their holistic needs.