Lancelin Primary School (5272)

School Overview

Empowering individuals, developing core values and establishing a life-long learning ethic are our guiding principles at Lancelin Primary School. Our Motto, 'Fly High, See Far' is embedded throughout everything we do and goes hand in hand with our mission, to develop responsible citizens who are successful, confident, creative problem solvers and students who are accountable for their learning.

Everyone at our school takes on this responsibility by building relationships with children and their parents from their very first visit to our school.

We support students to have a passion for learning, built on a foundation of respect of each other, teachers and all significant adults. We explicitly model and teach virtues and values such as resilience, creativity, happiness and respect for all through our 'Cool to be Kind' program. Our students have opportunities to apply what they learn to real-life situations, and our dedicated teachers put incredible effort and creativity into the experiences they organise for their classes.

Our senior students assist with the running of our Breakfast Club, canteen, Monster Fete, create buddy classes with allocated students to enhance transitioning between year groups during recess and lunch times and therefore have opportunities to enhance their leadership capabilities at our school.

Our school is actively engaged with the Jane Goodall Foundation, the Roots and Shoots Foundation and the Perth Zoo. Bill Waterer, who is the WA Roots and Shoots Foundation member, visits our school regularly and inspires our children to become more environmentally aware, especially of endangered and critically endangered animals in the world. Utilising the 'Kitchen Garden Gang' program and the fruit and vegetables we grow in our sustainable garden, students create simple recipes during lessons and lunch times.

Our students work extremely hard to be the best that they can be, to feel confident being themselves and to build lasting friendships. We cultivate connections in our local community so students can make meaningful contributions to society through service and social action.

We cater for children from Kindergarten to Year 6 from the town of Lancelin and the surrounding communities of Seaview Park, Ledge Point, Ocean Farms, Seabird and Redfield Park.

We encourage you to be involved in your child's learning throughout the year, so we are continually improving our support for your child - socially, emotionally and academically. Our students and staff love our little school - and so do our parents.

We would be delighted to show you what Lancelin Primary School can offer your child.

If you would like to know more about our school, please phone us on 9655 1077.