Dianella Heights Primary School (5144)

School Overview

Dianella Heights Primary School is a public primary school with approximately 460 students of twenty nationalities situated in the suburb of Dianella, seven kilometres from the Perth CBD. The school has strong community support, including an informed School Board that provides direction for the school, and an active P&C that provides significant ongoing financial support. Our staff is highly motivated and committed, and we strive for excellence by ensuring that our practices are based on research-based, high-impact strategies, and current research. Our school has built a culture of excellence, aspiration and success; our motto 'Aspire, Learn Achieve' is reflective of our continual improvement.
Dianella Heights Primary School is a high performing public school in Western Australia. Support programs form an important part of our school culture. These include a music program, Italian, and an extensive Physical Education program. We integrate the use of computers, iPads, and interactive whiteboards into classroom teaching.
At Dianella Heights Primary School, our staff and community work collaboratively through a shared vision, to assist children to develop, extend and meet their potential. We provide a supportive environment for all of our students, where the teaching and learning process thrives. We have established a clear vision and direction, developed in consultation with our staff, School Board and our P&C. Central to our approach are: shared pedagogy, accountability for student learning, research-based professional learning, coaching and mentoring, and developing high levels of staff morale.
At Dianella Heights Primary School we foster an environment that supports lifelong learning, underpinned by strong ethics and morals. Education at our school is much more than formal learning. The welfare of every student and the development of the 'whole child' are at the core of what we do.
Our vision: 'Soaring to new heights in excellence through unity.'

T: 9218 1450