Dianella Heights Primary School (5144)

School Overview

Dianella Heights Primary School is an Independent Public School catering for children in Kindergarten to Year 6.

At Dianella Heights Primary School, we are committed to ensuring your child receives the best possible education where they can achieve their best. We believe this happens by developing strong and meaningful partnerships with you, your child and the wider community, and by continually adapting to the changing needs of society - locally, nationally and globally.

Our values lie at the core of all our programs and approaches to learning. We believe that every child matters every day, and that all students can be high achievers. When your child arrives at our school, we will get to know you both personally, and will begin to tailor an education that suits your child's abilities and interests.

All children are encouraged to aim for excellence and to reach their potential through programs that extend and enrich their learning. Our focus is on developing your child's literacy and numeracy skills. We also offer science, art, health and physical education, humanities, Italian and information and communications technology. Our assessment of your child's learning journey helps inform future teaching practices and learning at our school.

We are also dedicated to the social and emotional wellbeing of your child. Through various programs such as Friendly Schools Plus and Reflective Behaviours, your child will begin to understand and manage their emotions, and develop resilience and healthy relationships.

Our school leadership program for older children provides many opportunities for them to develop and display leadership qualities and attributes. These include opportunities to become a student councillor, faction captain or ICT technician. School leaders are encouraged to be proactive, by individually seeking out leadership opportunities and providing recommendations for new school initiatives at regular meetings. Our staff work closely with these leaders to guide them through their roles and responsibilities to ensure they reach their leadership potential.

Our staff are dedicated to maintaining accountability for student achievement and wellbeing. We continually strive for excellence by reviewing our performance and holding ourselves accountable for the results we achieve.

We are fortunate to have very strong community support with the School Board overseeing the governance of the school. A very active P&C Association provides ongoing support and improvements to amenities such as the purchase of interactive whiteboards, covered walk ways and a range of resources for our students.

Dianella Heights Primary School is surrounded by well-maintained gardens and grassed areas. Our new library and state of the art purpose built music, science and art rooms are well resourced. Interactive whiteboards and computers in every classroom support student learning and teaching. The school is also proud of our two grassed ovals, as well as its resurfaced tennis, netball and basketball courts. There is an extensive natural bush area with a walk trail through the centre.

T: 9375 3622
E: DianellaHeights.PS@education.wa.edu.au