Bindoon Primary School (5046)

School Overview

Welcome to Bindoon Primary School, an Independent Public School.

Bindoon Primary School is a proud community school which provides a high quality education where your child is a valued member of our community. Teachers are caring and are strongly committed to providing an inclusive environment where your child has the opportunity to thrive. Staff continually seek to improve their teaching skills and enhance the learning socially and academically of each child in their classroom.

The school is proud of its academic record which is a result of hard working students and dedicated teachers. All teachers deliver the highly acclaimed, evidenced based, explicit instruction pedagogical lesson model that enhances children's success as a learner. Your child will have access to high quality learning opportunities in Mathematics, English and Science while Music, Visual Arts and Physical Education provide opportunities for students to excel in fun and challenging specialist areas. The school also has an extensive sporting program and a choir which develops confident and skilled performers.

Our early childhood program is well regarded in the local community. Your child will develop the foundations for successful learning based on a balance of explicit instruction methods and play based learning. We have a strong pastoral care program for all children and focus on social and emotional development through the Promoting Alternative Thinking Skills(PAThS)program and Positive Behaviour Support which assists the development of your child's positive peer relationships and behaviour.

Parents and community play a central role in the school by helping out in classroom programs, and volunteering on the School Board, Parents and Citizens Association and at sporting events. With our strong links to local community business and organisations your child's learning opportunities and experiences are enhanced as our teachers take advantage of the local opportunities.

Relationships matter, we aim to build, foster and maintain positive relationships with our school community. We value positive relationships with parents where we will work with you to support your child's individual needs.

Established in 1954, Bindoon Primary School will cater for your child in a fast-growing rural community where learning is fun. With large open playing fields and classrooms set amongst a beautiful environment your child will have opportunities to thrive in a positive learning environment.