Halls Head College (4166)

School Overview

Halls Head College is a 7 to 12 college that opened for students on 5 February 2001. The college began as an 8-10 Middle School. In 2010 the school commenced a transition into a Senior High School. In 2015 Year 7 students joined the college community. The 47 million dollar building program has now matched the resourcing to the students and should be finalised in Term 4 2015.

Halls Head College is uniquely situated on the 'island' of Halls Head just south of Mandurah. The local intake area of Halls Head College is south, close to the Waroona Shire boundary. The contributory primary schools are Glencoe, Halls Head, Falcon, South Halls Head and Ocean Road. The college provides a secondary education for students who live in the rapidly growing coastal strip, south of Mandurah.

Our college offers all students diverse choices, authentic opportunities to develop essential life skills and a rigorous, caring and safe environment to learn and grow in. Our staff has a wealth of expertise, experience and a genuine desire to constantly improve their practice to benefit all students.

Students are encouraged to think critically and creatively, develop problem solving skills and work effectively both individually and in groups to achieve their goals. Our impressive record of achievement in vocational education and training is supported by outstanding facilities and industry trained staff. In addition students bound for university are supported by rigorous delivery and expertise in a broad array of areas to ensure they are competitive in their chosen pathway. The varied curriculum and pathway opportunities allow each student to develop their individual passions and talents. A technology rich teaching and learning environment and an ongoing drive to ensure Halls Head staff are up to date with cutting edge developments, ensures our students leave college well equipped for a fast changing future.

Our college provides a comprehensive learning program for all students. We pride ourselves on our strong pastoral care program that ensures our students are safe, supported and transition in smoothly from the primary arena into their lower secondary years; on into senior school and then into the broader community. Strong mentoring and advocacy programs between students and staff are developed and all staff plays a role in providing positive guidance for our students. Central to improvement is putting students first and as we move into a new era we need to ensure that changes result in improved classroom instruction and the quality of student learning.

Through our Motto of Learning for Life we aim to provide an environment that values cultural differences, promotes a love of learning and empowers students to make a positive contribution to our world. All members of our college community are asked to share, model and promote our values of Care, Courtesy, Cooperation and Courage.

Our strategic priorities for 2015-2017 provide a focus for our efforts to improve outcomes for students. Our focus areas are:
* Enabling Students for Life
* Inspiring Innovative Learning
* Living Our Values
* Creating Community Connections