Fremantle Language Development Centre (6040)

School Overview

The Fremantle Language Development Centre (LDC) is a specialist Education Support Facility which provides a state wide service for students with speech and language difficulties. It consists of a school and an outreach service. The Fremantle LDC became an Independent Public School in 2015.

School: The school is a centre for excellence that caters for children from Kindergarten to Year 3 who have been identified with a Developmental Language Disorder (DLD). The school caters for approximately 220 students across three sites who have been identified as having at least average intelligence and sound adaptive behaviour, but whose academic and social performance is seriously limited by a primary language impairment. It provides specialised language and academic intervention on an individual and small group basis and offers a very supportive environment that focuses on the social, emotional and academic growth of students.

The Fremantle LDC accepts students who live within the Fremantle Education District school zone. The Fremantle LDC is located across three sites where facilities are shared with local primary schools, enabling children from the LDC to benefit from interaction with mainstream schools for play, sporting events, cultural events, assemblies and other special activities. The main administration of the Fremantle LDC is located on the Caralee Community School site and consists of two Kindergarten classes and nine classes from pre-primary to year three. Three additional classes are located on site at Bull Creek Primary School and four at Beeliar Primary School. The children are transported to the school through the State Government Department of Transport bus services.

The referral process is coordinated through the Fremantle-Peel Education District Office. Both a speech pathology assessment and a psychological assessment are required as well as a teacher questionnaire where appropriate. The placement committee interpret the information and make offers of placement to children who meet entrance criteria. The duration of attendance depends on each individual child, the progress made and the appropriateness of placement. Every student is reviewed on a continuing basis and parents are kept fully informed and participate in decision making processes.

The Fremantle LDC is staffed by teachers who continually update their skills in speech and language through extensive professional learning. The Fremantle LDC employs a team of speech pathologists who work with teachers and parents in assessing, evaluating and implementing appropriate programs for the students. They also work in the classrooms with small groups or individuals to ensure an ongoing program that maximises opportunities for positive learning outcomes. The Fremantle LDC employs an occupational therapist who coordinates and implements an occupational therapy service program which supports identification, education and classroom practice.

Outreach Service: The Fremantle LDC Outreach Service that is staffed by speech pathologists working as support officers speech and language who provide support to mainstream schools in the South Metropolitan Region, Pilbara and West Kimberley. The outreach team supports schools at a regional, network and individual school level in the form of professional learning, in-class modelling of intensive language programs, one on one teacher consultations and work shadowing at the Fremantle LDC.

Research and Development: The Fremantle LDC conducts and supports research, development and trialing of evidence based practices for speech, language and literacy by establishing collaborative partnerships with schools and universities.

The Fremantle LDC works closely with Language Centres across the state to provide a cohesive approach to speech and language services.

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