Fremantle Language Development Centre (6040)

School Overview

Fremantle Language Development Centre (LDC) is an Independent Public School that provides high quality specialist education for Kindergarten to Year 3 students who have been identified as having Developmental Language Disorder. We consist of a school and a state-wide Outreach service and provide targeted, intensive language and academic intervention in a supportive environment that focuses on the social, emotional and academic growth of students.

Our vision is to be a school of excellence that empowers students to talk, learn and grow.

Our Fremantle LDC school is located across three sites where facilities are shared with local primary schools, enabling children from the LDC to benefit from interaction and inclusion with mainstream students. The main campus is co-located with Caralee Community School situated in Willagee. The school also has satellite classes at Beeliar Primary School and Bull Creek Primary School.

The aim is to return children to mainstream education when they demonstrate age-appropriate speech, language, social skills and the ability to participate academically.

To be considered for placement, students need meet the LDC criteria for entry is as follows:

1. The child must have a significant primary language disorder in one or more language areas.

2. The child needs to demonstrate evidence of learning potential within the average or above average range.

3. The child needs to demonstrate sound adaptive behaviour skills, substantiated by observed descriptive evidence of the child's behaviour in his/her current educational placement or in his/her home.

Additionally, we offer support for mainstream staff across the South Metropolitan , Pilbara and West Kimberley Regions through our Outreach Service. Outreach is a team of speech pathologists who can provide professional learning and consultation to schools in order to build the capacity of mainstream staff to support the learning needs of children with speech and language difficulties.

All our school and Outreach staff are highly skilled and engage in high quality professional learning to ensure that current research and data drives our evidence-based practices in language intervention.

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