Alkimos Primary School (5844)

School Overview

Alkimos Primary School opened in February 2016. Our school features 5 teaching blocks, an automated library, a fully enclosed and carpeted assembly area, nature playground areas, traditional playground and we are looking forward to our 'loose parts hub'. All classrooms are fully air-conditioned. We cater for students from Kindergarten to Year 6.

Our school maintains links to the ocean and Greek theme of the local area, as reflected in the name Alkimos. Our facilities and factions are given Greek names and origins.

At Alkimos Primary School our priorities are to create:
A Alkimos Learning Community. This includes: students as learners, teachers as learners and parents as learners, and a Alkimos Healthy Community. This includes: student health and wellbeing, staff health and wellbeing and family health and wellbeing.

Our approaches to teaching and learning are that our staff understand that the quality of your relationships with students is the key. Our teachers are able to adeptly engage families and the Alkimos school community, as crucial to our school's success is the extent to which this sense of belonging and connectedness can be created. Our staff strive to create a highly collaborative learning environment.

In developing exemplary teaching and learning approaches that have become the hallmark of Alkimos PS, teachers showcase their prowess in using First Steps, cooperative learning strategies and associated principles of both of these. Use of ICT will also be strength. Teachers and all staff will be an advocate for the importance of play in learning, taking advantage of the excellent nature playground in our Early Childhood Education area. A commitment to implementing whole-school curriculum policies and programs will be evident, demonstrating all teachers' capacity to be attuned to the individual needs of students, and their authentic skill to provide an inclusive, fair and safe classroom.

Underpinning our approaches is a clear recognition that students' learning outcomes and opportunities are maximised when robust non-academic strategies and beliefs are apparent. In implementing and upholding these ideals at Alkimos PS, our staff reflect an awareness of the types of services and support required by the students, families and the community of Alkimos and this northern coastal area in general.

Alkimos Primary School also provides students with the following programs:
Oxford Assess Words Their Way Discovery Geography, History and Science
iMaths First Steps Cooperative Learning Zones of Regulation

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