Pearsall Primary School (5832)

School Overview

Pearsall Primary School is an Independent Public School. Children from Kindergarten to Year 6 are catered for in a safe caring learning environment. Our vision is to encourage children to be independent, and achieve the best they can academically and socially, by using a philosophy - I have the leader in me. From the very beginning our school has held true to its philosophy of leadership for students and staff.

Our teachers are constantly striving to provide the best learning opportunities for each child - we put children first. We are committed to nurturing confident and caring children who embrace opportunities and contribute meaningfully to their community. Our highly qualified and professional staff are supported by excellent facilities and provide a warm and supportive learning environment to enable children to thrive in secondary school.

Literacy and numeracy are priorities of our school. Our focus is on early intervention - we have access to a speech therapist and an occupational therapist. Specialist programs in science, physical education, music and French provide children with outstanding opportunities to discover and develop their interests and skills.

We foster a strong community spirit. Children take up a wide range of leadership roles and actively participate in our student lighthouse team. This team coordinates and organises many of the community events that take place in the school, including Mother's Day, Father's Day, Leadership Day and assemblies.

Our pastoral care program builds and supports the entire school community, making connections with you and your family. Our culture of care starts in the classroom, with the teacher getting to know each child individually. It is supported through the school chaplain and a large staff committee who coordinate many cultural activities. An emphasis on routines, procedures and high expectations allows us to establish positive behaviours and a fun caring and positive environment that is conducive to learning.

Our highly skilled teachers engage children in learning programs that are adjusted to suit their learning needs. They provide appropriate intervention strategies as well as challenging and stimulating programs. Our special programs include SunSmart accreditation, Crunch and Sip, Sustainability, Lexile Reading program, Garden Club, French Club and Nature Play club.

We have well-resourced classrooms equipped with the latest in technology to facilitate student learning. Our early childhood learning area and flexible learning spaces allow your child to be creative in their learning. We also boast extensive play areas, hard courts for tennis, basketball and netball, and cricket nets as well as fitness play equipment around the school.

We encourage you to be an active member of the school community through a range of school programs such as the P&C Committee, fundraising, school board and volunteering.

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