Aubin Grove Primary School (5820)

School Overview

Opened in 2011, Aubin Grove Primary School is a state-of-the-art, award-winning Independent Public School that caters for children from Kindergarten to Year 6. From the very beginning our school has been guided by our commitment to ensuring that every student is a successful learner and every teacher is an excellent teacher.

At Aubin Grove Primary School your child is most important to us. Every decision made is student-centred and with their best interests at heart. We place children first and as such, are dedicated to providing your child with the very best possible start to their schooling.

As part of the 2016 WA Education Awards, the school was named WA Primary School of the Year, and our principal was named WA Primary Principal of the Year. These awards acknowledge the excellence of our teaching and learning programs, leadership, the high quality of the relationships between school and families, outstanding governance provided by the School Board and our ability to provide a safe, stimulating and rewarding learning environment for all children.

We provide a strong foundation in literacy, numeracy, science and HASS (history and the social sciences). Our children engage in a well-rounded curriculum experience based on the Australian Curriculum and the Early Years Learning Framework in the early childhood years of Kindergarten to Year 2.

Our programs provide children with the opportunity to study a range of subjects including music, physical education and the visual arts. Our students learn Japanese and are eligible to learn a musical instrument and participate in the junior and senior choirs, as well as playing interschool sport and taking part in various arts activities, exhibitions and competitions.

Our highly skilled teachers engage children in learning programs that are adjusted to suit their learning needs. They provide appropriate intervention strategies for those requiring additional help, as well as challenging and stimulating programmes for academically talented children. Our Academic Extension Program (AEP) includes students from Years 1 to 6.

We have a clear, shared school vision in which all students and staff exhibit, and are committed to, our four 'LEAF' principles of learn, enjoy, aspire and focus. Our vision is reflected every day in the way staff and students interact with each other, challenge themselves to achieve continuous improvement and work in a positive environment of fun and play.

Our approach to how we act toward one another and to all who visit our school is based on the FISH! Philosophy and its four key principals of play, be there, make their day and choose their attitude. This allows us to build positive relationships and establish positive behaviours, ensuring our school is a fun, caring and positive environment conducive to learning.

As an 'all Apple' school, our children learn in contemporary, well-resourced classrooms equipped with the latest in computer technology to facilitate student learning including interactive whiteboards, desktop computers, notebooks and iPads, providing them with unprecedented access to information and contemporary models of learning in a safe digital environment.

Our school buildings are modern and attractive, featuring highly practical and flexible learning and teaching spaces. Complementing our general purpose classrooms is our modern and highly functional Early Childhood precinct; a well-appointed and resourced Library; music room; purpose built art/craft room; an enclosed under cover assembly area; as well as a canteen that is operated by our P & C Association.

Our school also boasts extensive grassed play areas, hard courts for tennis, basketball and netball and cricket nets as well as a Naturescape playground in our early childhood precinct, providing challenging and enjoyable recreation activities for all children.

Our school community works together to create a school environment that reflects the best of contemporary educational practices. Community involvement and support at Aubin Grove Primary School is characterised by:
* A shared responsibility for the educational outcomes of students between parents, staff and the wider educational community.
* Positive relationships between staff and community.
* Timely, informative and highly accessible two-way communication.
* Parent involvement in whole school decision-making via our School Board.
* An active P&C Association that is inclusive of, and accessible to, all parents.
* Parent and community members volunteering assistance in classrooms.

At Aubin Grove Primary School, every child is most important to us. We place children first and foremost in all our planning and decision making ensuring that every child receives the very best educational experience possible. We place high expectations on ourselves and feel a deep sense of responsibility for every child in our care. The Aubin Grove community expects and deserves nothing less.