Bletchley Park Primary School (5808)

School Overview

Bletchley Park Primary School, situated in a new subdivision in Southern River, first opened in February 2008 with 190 students from Kindergarten to Year 7. At the commencement of 2017 our enrolment has grown to 1053 students.

Despite the school being one of the largest primary schools in Western Australia our parents comment on the wonderful community feel. Collaboration and team work underpin everything we do.

Our school is very multi -cultural with families from all over the world enhancing our school community.

Bletchley Park Primary School strives to be a nurturing community where we can be, think and grow.

Our school vision of be, think and grow reflects the aspirations and core beliefs of our school and its community. Our vision is the driving force behind all decisions, policies and processes and is reflected in all aspects of the daily management and operations of our school.

In 2017 our school offers specialist programs in Physical Education, Music, LOTE Indonesian and Science.

Our school was one of the first 34 state schools selected to become an Independent Public School commencing in 2010. This has allowed for innovative approaches to our educational program that support the needs of our students.

Bletchley Park Primary School is a school in which parents want to send their children and a school in which teachers want to teach.