Caladenia Primary School (5800)

School Overview

Caladenia Primary School, located in Canning Vale, opened in 2007 and built its standards on trust, collaboration, quality educational provision and in a culture of nurturing and caring for each other in our community.

Our school caters for students from Kindergarten to Year 6. Caladenia Primary School has a team of dedicated, skilled teachers supported by a team of professionals that assist in the class and in the Front Office, Library and grounds. Our team of specialist teachers in Music, Visual Arts, Japanese and Physical Education/Health all support the School's focus with high quality teaching and collaboration with all teachers throughout the school. Our Music Dept operates two school bands (a rock group and a concert band) as well as two Choirs - all choral or instrumental ensembles get to perform at outside venues.

We offer all learning areas of English, Mathematics, History and Social Sciences (HASS), as well as Science, Technology, Visual Arts, Japanese and Physical Education. We challenge all students to work well above the norm for their phase of developmental objectives.
We also have a new initiative to WA education in the form of a Multi-Age Academic Class consisting of group of students who are high performing/some Gifted and Talented and involved in a program which follows the WA Curriculum while extending and challenging these students well beyond their normal classroom environments. We have had many successes, involving Universities, Chief Scientists, professors and businesses/agencies from many parts of our communities. We are proud of the extremely high achievement of these students both internally in their learning as well as in NAPLAN testing.
Caladenia Primary School is an extraordinary place. Our students, each and every day, reflect the love and nurturing atmosphere they are given by their teachers and all staff at the school. This culture of trust and care permeates throughout the school community to parents as well as people thinking about schooling at Caladenia into the future. Our enrolments have soared over the past two years due to new families moving into the local area of Caladenia.
We pride ourselves on the 'heart and soul' culture we promote and practise in our community. We are a community where conversations are real and friendly and designed to create a solution to issues. While caring for our students is our number one priority, we also believe that teachers need to be cared for and this is achieved through a culture of staff appreciation and care for one another in the school. This culture is one which we work on consistently and carefully so as to provide our teachers with the knowledge and feeling that they are valued and trusted in our school community.
Students are taught in well-resourced classrooms through P&C assistance and school reserves funding for multi-media teaching equipment, namely, electronic whiteboards in all classrooms, computers and iPads for all classrooms, as well as document readers, cameras and so much more. Caladenia has Helping Hands, a day care (before and after school only) centre at the school. The Centre is well resourced and is of a high quality as a care group.
Externally, we provide students covered play areas over all equipment, several sand-play pits as well as passive and active recreational areas (oval, fenced off play areas).

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