Moorditj Noongar Community College (5774)

School Overview


The moon was high and full in a cloudless night sky, lighting the land between the two creeks. Around the remains of a large fire the old people sat talking and worrying about the past, the future and their children. The oldest man leaned forward, took a handful of the warm white ash from the edge of the fire and threw it into the air. As the group watched the mist of ash in the moonlit air they saw the future bright and clear-
Noongar kids leading in the Wadjela world.
Prominent business people, doctors, lawyers and teachers
Champion sportsmen and women.Talented musicians and actors..
Noongar people supporting each other and making their culture strong.

This is the dreaming of the old people.

We can all make that dreaming happen.

School Profile

The College is a systemic school set in the quiet surrounds of Black Adder Creek. There are 130 students enrolled at Moorditj Noongar Community College between 3 year old Kindergarten and Year 7. The classes are small compared to other schools and this enables students to receive significantly more teacher-pupil time together. The students live in the Midland area and immediate surrounding suburbs. Attendance rates are high because the children have access to transportation to and from school. Although there is a significant amount of movement to and from other schools many students return to Moorditj because they miss their friends and extended family members within the Indigenous context. The design of the buildings is symbolic of aspects of Aboriginal Culture
e.g. Meeting place for community.
Noongar Seasons depicted in mosaics.
Building are angled to give the shape of the Wakarl.

The staff is predominately Indigenous. All teaching and several support staff members have the appropriate qualifications. Newer support staff receive training on the job and are encouraged to engage in further studies.
Each class has at least one support staff member in the room every day. Moorditj has the service of four Teacher Assistants, two of whom are Special Needs Assistants. Aboriginal and Islander Education Officers (AIEOs) and several CDEP workers further support the programs at the school. All staff members at Moorditj are committed to personal professional development in order to support the School Priorities and the many special program established at the school.

Literacy Through Culture Project
The Smith Family Trust, with funding from Newmont Mining, have enabled us to establish a partnership with Edith Cowan University throughout 2005/2006. The teaching staff will engage in a longitudinal research study of the development of phonological awareness in Indigenous students. Both teaching and support staff members will undertake professional learning using the Let's Decode Strategy. This whole school approach to developing the basic requirements for reading and writing will improve the literacy outcomes across the year levels.
School Priorities
Literacy, Numeracy and Behaviour Management will continue to be high priorities for the students at Moorditj Noongar Community College along with these we will continue to focus on Music, Sport and the Fine Arts. Thus giving to the Indigenous students the best possible opportunities to develop their innate talents.