Moorditj Noongar Community College (5774)

School Overview

Principals Welcome
Moorditj Noongar offers an outstanding educational experience for its students. The Aboriginal Cultural Standards Framework is embedded across the school, ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for all of our students. We are a community school that provides its students with a calm, family orientated and well-resourced educational site. We offer a fun and engaging program with caring educators that develop the whole child.

School Context
Moorditj Noongar Community School is a departmental co-educational Primary school supporting approximately 125 Aboriginal students from Midland and the wider surrounds. Moorditj Noongar was founded in 2001 and is set in the quiet surrounds of Black Adder Creek. Our classes are capped at approximately 20 students and each class has the support of a Teacher and Education Assistant. Additional supports such as an Attendance Officer, School Psychologist, Chaplaincy, Aboriginal Indigenous Education Officers and a Speech Pathologist work collaboratively to allow for improved outcomes for our students. We aim to close the gap for our Aboriginal students and deliver rich cultural opportunities for all.

School Vision
The moon was high and full in a cloudless night sky, lighting the land between the two creeks. Around the remains of a large fire the old people sat talking and worrying about the past, the future and their children. The oldest man leaned forward, took a handful of the warm white ash from the edge of the fire, and threw it into the air. As the group watched the mist of ash in the moonlit air, they saw the future bright and clear.
To continue the dreaming of the old people our vision is to provide a safe, caring and stimulating environment where staff, students and families are supported to be lifelong learners, be proud of culture and achieve their personal best.