Winthrop Primary School (5709)

School Overview

Winthrop Primary School is committed to providing an inclusive, stimulating and innovative learning environment in which all students are supported to strive for excellence and to achieve their potential. We embrace a culture of ongoing improvement and look forward to our student's future successes in an environment where children 'learn and grow together'.

Our goal is to create a school that has safe, positive learning environments where students are engaged and successful. We strive to develop a culture in which every student experiences a sense of belonging to the school community, of being known and understood as an individual, and of staff who care about each student's overall progress and wellbeing. School-wide expectations through our Positive Behaviour Support Matrix encompass the values of: Responsibility, Achievement, Respect and Care.

Our School Board and P&C contribute significantly to the educational opportunities for our children. The school community embraces its cultural diversity with almost 50 % of students having a language background other than English. We respect the cultures, languages, experiences, and world views of our families, and we undertake an ongoing process of school improvement in creating a feeling of belonging, celebration of and acceptance of all. Our students - including those with special needs and those who are gifted and talented - benefit from a safe, inclusive learning environment where by unique skills, needs and talents are embraced, celebrated and supported.

Winthrop Primary School strives to maintain a technology rich environment to enhance teaching and learning. Year 4 to 6 students participate in the 1:1 BYOD iPad program, while students in Kindergarten to Year 2 are given regular access to a bank of school owned devices.

Winthrop students are offered a range of programs designed to motivate and provide challenging learning opportunities across the curriculum. Specialist teaching areas include Science, Music, Japanese, Health and Physical Education. Additionally, our students are engaged in 'Be the Change' initiatives which offer opportunities for learning beyond the classroom and empower students with information, links and strategies to make a positive difference to their community.
To learn more about our school please view the website or telephone 9312 4950.