Winthrop Primary School (5709)

School Overview

At Winthrop Primary School we have a proud tradition of academic, sporting and civic achievement. We embrace a culture of ongoing improvement and look forward to our student's future successes in an environment where children 'learn and grow together'.

We are an Independent Public School enriched by cultural diversity with almost half of our families coming from a language background other than English. Our students - including those with special needs and those who are gifted and talented - benefit from a safe, inclusive learning environment where by unique skills, needs and talents are embraced, celebrated and supported.

We have high expectations for every student to succeed and to achieve their very best. Our students are offered a range of programs designed to motivate and provide challenging learning opportunities across the curriculum. Our specialist teaching areas include science, music, languages (Japanese), heath and physical education. Additionally, our students are engaged in 'Be the Change' initiatives which offer opportunities for learning beyond the classroom and empower students with information, links and strategies to make a positive difference to their community.

Social and emotional wellbeing is a priority at Winthrop Primary School and is supported by our Learning Support team which includes our learning support coordinator, chaplain, school psychologist and health specialist teacher. We implement targeted research-based programs including Pre, Mini and MacQLit, to ensure all students have maximum curriculum access.

Our school and community work together on a range of projects to improve the learning and physical environment of the school. We are fortunate to have an active Parents and Citizens Association, involving Parent Classroom Representatives, a band committee, uniform shop and school banking.

To learn more about our school, telephone 9310 6100 or email