West Leeming Primary School (5682)

School Overview

West Leeming Primary School, located in Melville, educates around 500 students from Kindergarten to Year 6. We are surrounded by a committed and supportive community, which along with our teachers and support staff, are dedicated to ensuring our students achieve their very best.

Our vision is to provide an environment conducive to the achievement of best possible outcomes for all students. We have a responsibility to provide opportunities for all students to achieve their potential, in order that they may contribute to and participate meaningfully in society.

West Leeming Primary School provides whole-school and classroom programs that engage students in the process of learning, stimulating their interest and desire to learn more. This is achieved through the provision of contemporary, high quality teaching and learning programs that build upon students' existing knowledge and provide structures that support learning.

While academic development is the main focus, we also provide opportunities for students to develop skills and abilities in areas such as performing arts and physical education. With a music specialist program, and opportunities for to learn through Instrumental Music School Services, students may choose to become involved in the choir, band or string ensemble. In the sporting field, we have a proud record of success in interschool sport, including athletics, Australian Rules football, cricket and basketball.

West Leeming Primary School is acknowledged as a leader in the area of sustainability. This has been a focus for a number of years and remains so, and has been acknowledged by government and community groups.

Our culture encourages and supports our students to perform at their best in an environment where everyone feels they belong, and is understood, cared for and appreciated.

We value and promote lifelong learning and believe every child has the capacity to learn and develop skills that will enable them to contribute meaningfully to society. We set high expectations and challenge all members of the school to strive for excellence. We provide an inclusive teaching and learning environment where cultural, social, emotional and learning difficulties are recognised and individual needs are appropriately addressed. Our school culture is characterised by these elements: aspire, respect, communication, ownership, shared vision and values, innovation, peer support, coaching, unity and fun.

West Leeming Primary School values and promotes the involvement of the community in our operations and is part of a developing Leeming Schools' Collaborative, which also includes Banksia Park Primary School, Leeming Primary School and Leeming Senior High School. The aim of this collaborative is to provide learning opportunities and experiences for the students.

To learn more about West Leeming Primary School, please visit www.westleeming.wa.edu.au.