Yangebup Primary School (5662)

School Overview

Yangebup Primary School has a very strong sense of community, where relationships between staff, parents and community are based, mutually, on respect, trust, confidence, empathy and co-operation. The school is strengthened by its strong collegial atmosphere where all staff are experienced and competent practitioners who provide education support and pastoral care for students.

Yangebup Primary School opened in 1982 and is located in the southern suburbs, catering for students from Kindergarten to Year 6. The school population consists of students from wide cultural backgrounds, providing rich and diverse opportunities for all. Our school grounds complement the surrounding natural landscape and include vast playing fields and facilities enhanced by native flora.

The school is dedicated to providing a positive educational experience supporting the academic, social, emotional and behavioural needs of the students. Early intervention, specialised literacy and numeracy programs in the early childhood area provide the students with a solid foundation and start needed for learning. Yangebup Primary School provides a safe and supportive environment dedicated to giving children endless opportunities to learn, create and become responsible citizens and lifelong learners. The Habits of Mind program is a whole school approach to learning, teaching students necessary skills to become creative, skilful problem solvers and effective, successful learners. A supportive and differentiated curriculum encourages students with learning difficulties to achieve their potential and beyond.
Our Specialist programs consist of Visual Arts, Science, Japanese, Physical Education and Health. Yangebup Primary School is well resourced in technologies, providing instant access to information. Computers, interactive whiteboards and digital media are available to students to support curriculum delivery. The school library is managed by a very passionate and dedicated library officer who ensures the centre is well utilised.

We provide strong pastoral care for our students, providing lunch time activities such as the Brandy Cup and Chess Club at various times in the year. Our School Chaplain supports the school's Pastoral Care and Values programs including a School Mentoring Program and Breakfast Club. The staff are also trained in Mindful Breathing and offer this to students as a way to regulate emotion and increase academic focus.

The student parliament is a group of elected Year 6 students who are recognised and selected for their leadership skills. The parliament simulates the State Parliament, with ministers and their ministries formed to carry out many responsibilities around the school. The students attend, annually, leadership conventions and personal leadership development programs which they apply in their leadership roles in their final year of primary school.

Our active and effective P & C committee and School Council work to support our initiatives. An on-site child care centre provides child support for working parents before and after school and during vacations.

We, in partnership with our school parents and community, pursue excellence and equity for each child at Yangebup Primary School, building on our successes and inspiring them to optimise every opportunity to reach the highest possible standards and personal best.