Edgewater Primary School (5657)

School Overview

We are an Independent Public School and provide our students with a caring environment and encouraging students to strive for excellence in all aspects of their academic and personal development.

Whole-school policies and programs for Supporting Positive Behaviour, a School Dress Code, and a Code of Conduct are well established and we have the services of a school Chaplain.

Students are provided with an up-to-date computer laboratory with the latest computers, broadband internet connection and a fully automated library resource centre. All classrooms, including the library, have a bank of fully networked computers within their building with internet access and a wide variety of software.

Our specialist programmes offered include Visual Art, Music and Physical Education for all students from Years 1-6, and Languages Other Than English (LOTE - Mandarin) for students in the middle years. Other programs offered include optional instrumental tuition in clarinet and classical guitar provided by the School of Instrumental Music and offsite PEAC (Primary Extension and Challenge) courses.

Students access school buildings that are fully air-conditioned and surrounded by shaded gardens with covered seating and ample play areas, including a large oval, basketball courts, undercover area and a school canteen.

We have an involved Parents and Citizens' Association and a School Board. Both are well-established and provide active forums for parent involvement. There are clear processes that link the school and these two bodies to form a channel of consultation and decision-making for parents and staff. Parents are encouraged to be involved in the school and to maintain formal and informal contact with their children's teachers.

There are school-wide procedures for the early identification and support of students with learning difficulties, as well as those with behavioural, emotional or social challenges.