Illawarra Primary School (5654)

School Overview

Illawarra Primary School is an Independent Public School located in the suburb of Ballajura, approximately 27 kilometres north of the Perth CBD. Our location is on a regular public transport route and close to shops and medical centres. A before and after-school care facility for students from Kindergarten to Year 6 is offered on the grounds of Illawarra Primary School and is run by Camp Australia.
Illawarra is located on well-established grounds with excellent facilities including basketball courts, tennis courts, performing arts stage with lighting and sound, and a variety of play equipment engaging children in social play.
Illawarra Primary School provides an engaging, safe and supportive learning environment in which students will be able to fulfil their potential in all areas - academic, social, physical and creative; and achieve a sense of purpose and self-worth in a changing society.
Our instructional practice focuses on directed explicit teaching that uses well-designed lessons which motivate, engage and challenge students. The strategy of 'I do, We do, You do' is used by teachers. This method involves breaking down the skills for our students into many parts and guiding the students until they have mastered each step. This approach has resulted in very positive improvements in student results in standardised testing such as NAPLAN. Our teachers regularly engage in PD to ensure we are at the edge of educational practice to assist our students to learn in a nurturing and supportive environment. We ensure that students are engaged in learning and our teachers are pro-active in providing students with additional support or extending students when needed. We have a strong focus on numeracy and literacy with a morning program dedicated solely to these areas.
Illawarra caters for students from Kindy to year 6 with an enrolment of 365 children. It attracts 50% of its children from 'outside' its area. The school has 20% of children being of Other Than English Background and speaking 25 different languages, the two largest being Vietnamese and Arabic. The school has a small, 6% Aboriginal population.
Illawarra experiences low staff turnover and prides itself on its child centred focus and its friendly supportive ethos.
Illawarra provides students with the opportunity to participate in specialised programs such as Physical Education, Music including performance, guitar and brass programs, Science, Computer and Health. We utilise technology in the form of iPads across all years to engage students in a variety of learning styles. The school also has an up to date computer lab.
We pride ourselves on treating our students, staff and parents with dignity and respect. Parents are encouraged to communicate with the school and will find that staff respond positively to their ideas and concerns. We operate reward programs to encourage students to attend school regularly and this has shown positive results in attendance rates being consistently high.
Our Beliefs:
* We are committed to providing all students with a quality education.
* Students are treated as individuals with unique personalities and differing learning styles.
* Students are supported both academically and socially.
* Teachers set high expectations and acknowledge each student's best efforts.
* Students and parents receive relevant, consistent, quality information on student progress and are consulted about codes of behaviour and dress.
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