Heathridge Primary School (5632)

School Overview

Heathridge Primary School provides a high quality, extensive education to the children of families residing in Heathridge. As an Independent Public School, we strive to inspire our students to become respectful and confident citizens, providing them with a sense of belonging, and encouraging them to achieve their very best. Our school motto is 'Fly High, See Far'.

We are a distinctive school offering a diverse, inclusive and exciting range of learning programs. Our focus on literacy and numeracy is strong. Our students experience success due to high quality teaching and learning using whole-school approaches and evidence-based practice.

We offer specialist subjects in physical education, performing arts, history and social sciences and languages. We offer French as our language for students in Years 3 to 6. We provide our students with the skill and capabilities needed to compete in an ever changing world, with students having regular access to iPads and computers in our computer lab.

We offer a Specialised Learning Program for students in with Autism. The program assists students to access age-appropriate curriculum to ensure their success in mainstream classrooms.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to high performance and high care, and on our reputation for inclusivity, strong values, strong pastoral care and community engagement. Our P&C Association and school board play important roles in our school.

Our staff are experienced, chosen specifically for their knowledge and their fit with our vision and educational needs. Our challenging and engaging programs allow students to develop academically, socially, emotionally and physically. Also on offer are weCARE breakfasts. All families and students are welcomed to join staff and our Year 6 student leaders for a community breakfast, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, twice a term. We also host playful learners, an out of school care program running for three years at our school. Our school is part of the National Chaplaincy Program run through Youth Care, with a chaplain teaching students resilience and tolerance twice a week.

We encourage you to visit our school to see what we can offer your child. Take a tour of our website to find out more. http://heathridgeps.wa.edu.au/