Southwell Primary School (5568)

School Overview

Southwell Primary School in Hamilton Hill is a fun and safe, supportive and friendly place to learn. Our vision is to give every child, every chance, every day.

We love our multicultural diversity and welcome everyone with the perspective of 'what can we learn from you'.

We have respect for one another; we make learning fun and are dedicated to getting better at everything we do. Everyone loves learning at Southwell. Staff actively work toward every child making friends and being part of our Southwell family.

Our community takes pride in the knowledge that we give every student in our care the very best possible education in order to prepare them for life beyond school. Our 'Learning Community' of staff, students and family are involved in all aspects of school life and identify with our vision to promote student education and well-being.

Our school community has expressed that the most important skills are literacy, numeracy and engagement with learning. Literacy and numeracy are explicitly taught from Kindergarten to Year 6 through coordinated programs across all learning areas.

Southwell students build memories of being happy, accepted and valued while building friendships that last beyond the school gate. Our staff view this as essential to our teaching and learning programs. Students are encouraged to develop a keen sense of social justice, a moral conscience and be an articulate voice for a better society. In essence, we educate the whole child of today to become a successful adult of tomorrow.

A high number of people who attended Southwell themselves now send their children and in some cases grandchildren to Southwell Primary School. This level of connection with families creates a strong sense of connection across the generations.

We believe children need to master these skills to the best of their ability to develop fully as an individual, to live a satisfying and rewarding life and to fully participate in our society.

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