Nulsen Primary School (5552)

School Overview

Nulsen Primary School was established in 1972 and is a Level 5 Government school located in Esperance. The name 'Nulsen' was given to the school in honour of Mr Emil Nulsen who served as the MLA for the Esperance region from 1932-1962. Emil Nulsen was noted for his sincerity and fair play with the school adopting these qualities and upholding these values in the School Motto. Our links to Esperances history is extended to our Faction Names. Windich, Forrest and Wulie all exploerers of the region during early settlement period of Esperance.

Our student population is 188 students. Our 9 classes are composed of a Kindergartens, a Kindergarten Pre-primary class, a pre Kindergarten Aboriginal student program(Kindilinks), and 6 Mainstream Year 1-6 areas. We strive to meet the needs and interests of our students, who come from diverse backgrounds. Our school population includes Aboriginal students (48.5%). Many children enter our school well prepared for formal education, however our school does receive some additional resourcing due to its low socio-economic index (86.64).

Our pastoral care programs have achieved great success in providing a friendly, happy school, which impacts positively on student outcomes. We are constantly acknowledged for our innovative programs that recognise, respond to and accommodate academic, social and cultural diversity within our school community. Our Breakfast Club, School Chaplain, Community Nurse and the Clontarf Football Academy all work symbiotically to ensure the best possible outcomes for our students.

Our School Community is committed to the Social and Emotional Well Being of students. Utilsing programs such as PATHS and Tribes the School Community Agreements of Mutual Respect, Attentive Listening, Appreciations (No Putdowns), Personal Best, Personal Responsibility and Right to Participate / Pass are entrenched in our schools culture. These agreements, along with our motto of sincerity and fair play, and Positive School Behaviour Management all combine to culminate in guiding principles that underpin our school's positive atmosphere and student resilience.

Nulsen PS educational programs focus on Literacy and Numeracy. With the implementation of Jolly Phonics and STAR Program in the junior years, Letters and Sounds, and Soundwaves in the senior years. Students have access to Ipads and Lap Tops in all classrooms and the teachers utilising Interactive Whiteboards. Our Music program provides participation in the School Band and Uke Group. Students at Nulsen Primary School have also benefitted from extra curricula programs such as Chess and Cross Country champions.

Our teaching staff are also recognised and appreciated by our school community. Nulsen PS is very proud to have a very experienced staff who regularly undertake Professional Learning to ensure they are knowledgeable on current educational trends in curriculum, technology, science and Early Childhood . Nulsen Primary School four level 3 teachers and 2 senior teachers as part of our experienced staff. Nulsen Primary School's dedicated team of highly professional and committed staff provide an outstanding learning environment for our students and whole school community. Nulsen Primary School students will soon benefit from a purpose built science classroom which will finish completion in 2018. Students in Pre Primary to Year 2 benefit from One to One tutoring in Letters and Sounds ensuring the acquisition of early phonetic sounds. Students have access to Lap Tops and I-Pads with five of each in all classrooms.

Nulsen Primary School recognises the benefit to students by valuing the relationships with students, staff, parent/carers and our wider community. We actively foster parent/carer and community involvement in our students' education through 3 Way Conferences, Aboriginal Parent Meetings, School Assemblies, P&C and School Council. We strive to engage the Nulsen and broader community through the Nulsen PS Community Garden, Nulsen in November Celebrations and by hosting the fortnightly Growers Market. To encourage the high involvement and support we received from the whole school community, Nulsen Primary School will continue strengthening its achievements with our active School Council. Their involvement has been extremely pro-active and beneficial to improving the outcomes for students and our school community.