Sorrento Primary School (5523)

School Overview

Sorrento Primary School provides your child with the best opportunities to enable them to reach their potential. Our school is located in a coastal suburb 20 kilometres from Perth. In addition to students from residences within our local catchment area, the school attracts students from surrounding suburbs. The school has an administration block, library, music room, two blocks of six classrooms, one block of support classrooms and an ECE block. All buildings are air conditioned with computers, internet connection, access to iPads and interactive whiteboards. In the school grounds we have two basketball courts, an oval and dedicated Pre-Primary/Year 1 play area. The school grounds are well maintained.

Sorrento Primary School has a strong relationship with the community and a high level of cooperation is evident. Its ethos is characterised by its pastoral care, accepted dress code, a cooperative and responsible student body and by committed staff and parents.

Key features of our school include a;
- Safe and supportive environment for students;
- School community that works together;
- Cooperative and responsible student body;
- Committed and experienced staff;
- Supportive parent body;
- Well-resourced school, with air conditioned buildings and well maintained grounds; and,
- High level of access to computers and ICT.

At Sorrento Primary School we endeavour to provide a variety of additional experiences to complement an effective educational program. We seek to cater for a variety of student needs.

Additional opportunities include;
- Instrumental Music - flute and clarinet;
- Wide variety of sporting activities including morning fitness program, athletics and swimming carnivals, triathlon and Physical Education program;
- Information and Computer Technology - the school is fully networked with an automated library, internet access in classrooms, Interactive Whiteboards, iPads and a computer lab;
- Year 6 camp;
- Variety of incursions and excursions;
- Red Cross Club; and,
- Social Dance program - for Years 5-6.

Sorrento Primary School seeks to promote values and pastoral care through;
- A positive and supportive environment which recognises and rewards good behaviour;
- Conferencing and counselling services through school psychologist
- Recognising our wider community responsibilities through our sponsorship of one World Vision child, our Red Cross Club and our support of the Salvation Army; and,
- Implementing a whole school Values Program (You Can Do It)

Our school community works cooperatively as seen in;
- The role of the School Board;
- An active Parents and Citizen's Association providing a wide variety of services including a canteen, Book Club, School Banking, Safety House program and fund-raising for resources;
- Parents involved in classrooms, on excursions and with sport.