North Morley Primary School (5522)

School Overview

At North Morley Primary School our motto is 'Aim High'. This approach to education is a part of our strong tradition of providing an educational environment that promotes academic excellence, the arts and physical education in an environment of respect for self and others.

We have an experienced and dedicated staff who work together with parents to provide learning programs that reflect the individual needs of students. We provide a stimulating and caring environment which enables our students to develop to their potential.

The development of knowledge, skills and values in the social, physical and intellectual domains ensures that a balanced curriculum is provided and that education is about the whole child and putting children first.

North Morley Primary School is a proactive and supportive school. We provide a range of incentive programs for students and balance this with a code of conduct and behaviour management program. The result is a happy, safe and positive working environment.

Students wear their school uniform with pride, to help develop a sense of belonging. Our school has a strong supportive community feel about it, which is so important in the education and the health and wellbeing of children.

The Administration's 'open door policy' allows consultation to occur when required so that problems can be solved, directions redefined and support given so that the teachers' full attention can be devoted to their classes.

School Council meets once per term. Endorsement of Developmental Plan and Budget occurs on the first occasion.

The Student Council, elected by students and staff, perform a valuable role. The positions of Head Boy, Head Girl and six Councillors are elected early in the year. Functions of the Student Council include the organisation of assemblies, social events, fund-raising and presenting ideas to the Administration from the student perspective. Their role as ambassadors for our school has always been valued.

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