Bungaree Primary School (5508)

School Overview

Bungaree Primary School is a school like no other. Proudly serving the educational needs of Rockingham families for over 50 years, our school community is diverse, supportive and ever evolving.

As an Independent Public School, we enhance the needs and aspirations of our students, their families and the local community. Bungaree currently provides four classes to the Peel Language Development School and a collaborative and supportive relationship is maintained and developed through our teaching and learning programs.

Our educators implement a whole school evidence based approach to learning using explicit and direct instruction.

Our facilities cater for the 267 students from Kindergarten to Year Six. Students engage in learning both inside and outside the classroom using a vast range of technology. We have specialist classrooms for visual arts, Japanese, purpose built Science and Music rooms, two basketball courts, cricket pitch, a large oval and challenging climbing frames for both the Junior and Senior students. The school is fully air conditioned providing a pleasant learning environment. Our outdoor areas are inclusive of all students needs.

We understand that building positive relationships and partnerships with our community helps our school to thrive. We are committed to ensuring that all stakeholders have the opportunity to positively engage and invest in the future of our students.

Bungaree is a school that provides a positive learning environment which embodies a culture of respect, effort and safety. Our students develop the confidence and skills to reach their full potential socially, academically and emotionally to enable them to become respectful and active citizens within society.

Our values provide a foundation for building social responsibility and a sense of belonging through collaboration between students, family, school and the wider community.

We are a positive behaviour school that nurtures relationships by respecting everyone's right to learn while treating our community and environment with care.
We strive for excellence through effort and challenge ourselves to achieve the highest standards.
We cultivate a safe and healthy environment where everyone feels valued and included.

Our focus areas and priorities include:

High Quality Teaching and Learning
Community Cohesion
Health and Wellbeing

For more information, visit bungareeps.wa.edu.au