Walpole Primary School (5449)

School Overview

Walpole Primary School epitomises the best that small, local schools offer. Our teachers are very experienced, continually striving to provide students with a state of the art education. Our broad and deep curriculum allows students to extend and build on their knowledge in a safe and caring learning environment. Our classroom sizes are kept small, allowing teachers to provide individualised attention to students and differentiation to the curriculum.

Our school's unique community-based program - UR Walpole - is an annual whole-school cross-curricular program exploring global issues within a local context (making learning relevant to students). Past topics include The Billion Year Journey of the World and The Power of Flowers. Our teachers link the program with the West Australian Curriculum and local issues, with local businesses and community members invited to share in the journey.

We offer specialist programs in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and Music. The STEM program builds on the amazing school and local environment, while every student in Years 3 to 6 volunteers to participate in our school choir, with students regularly performing at town ceremonies and other schools.

The school environment provides an opportunity for students to grow their own vegetables, care for chickens and aquaculture, and cook their produce. Food and fibre production, and food specialisation, have been added to student learning, engaging all students in the garden and kitchen. Our Year 5 and 6 students continue to create delicious lunches for the whole school. There are natural areas to play in as well as built structures that enhance movement, cooperation and challenge.

We have an emphasis on developing strong, capable and independent students. Our Friendly Schools Plus program supports the social-emotional growth of our students, enabling them to develop empathy and self-awareness skills.

Our school offers many sporting opportunities for students, with students participating in interschool sporting activities in Manjimup and Pemberton. They also have access to karate, gymnastics, sailing and horse riding outside of school.

Our parents are committed to enhancing the education of their children and support the school in various ways. We have a strong School Board who meet once a Term to review and endorse policies and the budget, and review the performance and direction of the school. Our P&C Association's fundraising activities help supply extra resources for the kitchen, playground and library.

We encourage you to visit our school to discover for yourself how we can help your children get the very best education.