Tuart Hill Primary School (5441)

School Overview

At Tuart Hill Primary School, we believe in every student. We provide a safe and caring environment where your child will strive for excellence and prepare for the challenges of an ever-changing world. Catering for students in Kindergarten to Year 6, we are an Independent Public School where our community has greater flexibility to make decisions to provide for our students. Through our values of Learning, Excellence, Care and Equity, we foster a love of learning so your child will reach their potential.

Our talented teachers and support staff inspire our students and teach a positive, diverse and challenging curriculum that caters for the needs of your individual child. We also provide specialist programs such as Spanish, Physical Education, Visual Arts, Music and Science, as well as back programs in digital technologies and the environment. Our parents have high confidence in our ability to support and challenge their children so that they are well prepared to continue their learning journey into secondary school and beyond.

Your child will thrive in a caring and supportive environment where we get to know our students to cater for their individual needs. Our staff work collaboratively, building on each other's strengths to support your child and help them achieve. We believe parental support is critical to students reaching their full potential, and we actively promote our school in the wider community, encouraging parents to participate in school life. Our students also have a unique opportunity to embrace and celebrate a culturally rich environment, where over a third of students come from a language background other than English and over 33 different first languages are spoken.

Our purpose built facilities will support your child's learning and wellbeing, such as our school library, or our on-campus dental clinic. We also share close links with the Tuart Hill Community Kindergarten onsite. Our staff embrace digital learning in our classrooms, using interactive whiteboards, iPads and computers to enhance learning programs. We also believe in the value of natural elements in play spaces, providing a challenging and inclusive variety of activities that inspire our diverse student population. They enjoy three large play areas that include AFL and Soccer ovals playground equipment and refurbished multipurpose hardcourts.

We're the school of choice in our area, with our enrolments rising and community growing. Visit our website or get in touch to find out how your child can reach their potential at Tuart Hill Primary School:

E: TuartHill.PS@education.wa.edu.au
T: 9413 1500