Nungarin Primary School (5357)

School Overview

Our primary school is renowned for professional staff and a strong commitment to giving children the best educational start to life. We are a very important part of a close-knit community and an integral part of community activity. Our staff actively engage students in community events and encourage community members to assist in our school.

We cater for children from Kindergarten to Year 6. Central to our school's purpose is high quality, explicit learning across all curriculum areas with a strong focus on English and mathematics. Your child will enjoy small class groupings, enabling individualised learning strategies, and responsiveness to your child if they have any learning difficulties. Our teachers have a detailed understanding of each individual child and how they learn. Expectations placed on your child's performance will be realistic and high.

Your child will enjoy a comprehensive curriculum including Indonesian and music through online learning. They will regularly engage in a range of interschool activities throughout the year to broaden their learning program and develop their social skills. There is a strong connection with schools that are close by.

Teaching and support staff are experienced and have created an effective and high performing team which benefits your child.

Our warm, friendly tone with the children attending our school, their parents and our staff, all work harmoniously together. There are high expectations placed on student behaviour and matters that need attention are dealt with in a timely manner. In the playground there is a supportive, inclusive tone with children playing appropriately. Senior students are mindful of assisting younger students and play with them in a spirit of support and cooperation.

Our garden and play areas are attractively structured and a junior and senior play area are enjoyed by our students. There is plenty of grass, covered playground, sun sheltered play grounds and sporting equipment which the students care for and play with in a safe manner. Our facilities, including learning technologies and library, are established and enhance learning opportunities.

If you would like to know more about our school and need to enrol your children please contact our friendly office staff on 9046 5122.