East Narrogin Primary School (5342)

School Overview

East Narrogin, established in 1963, is vibrant and exciting, with visitors often struck by the friendliness and confidence of our students. Nestled in the country town of Narrogin, our school is renowned for providing a welcoming, caring and stimulating learning environment, with a focus on high standards for our students. We are guided by our motto - Endeavour, Achievement, Sustainability and Thoughtfulness.

As an independent public school in 2013, East Narrogin recognises the active and important roles of our parents, Parent and Citizen Association and School Board and acknowledges our school community's trust and faith in the collective expertise and capacity of our school community to forge our own direction and adapt to a changing world.

The success of our whole school approaches in addressing the particular learning needs of our students has resulted in a National Literacy Award in 2007 and being awarded Literacy School of the Year at the 2010 Western Australian Education Awards.

We apply these whole school stairway approaches to all learning areas, to ensure our children acquire the essential knowledge, skills, understandings and values for learning steadily over their schooling, through systematic and targeted teaching.

School priorities in Literacy, Numeracy, Pastoral Care and Developing Community are supported by an experienced and dedicated team of teachers and school support staff. Specialists in literacy, numeracy, library, languages (Indonesian), physical education and the arts, also enhance our curriculum delivery.

Our Pastoral Care approaches support students to achieve their academic potential through development of the whole child and are supported by specific programs in student leadership and resiliency within a safe, accepting school environment. Our students are continually commended on their application of these skills during whole school events and special days.

We are fortunate to have wider community support for school programs and will continue to seek further opportunities to develop quality partnerships to maximise the learning of each student in our care.