Mount Lockyer Primary School (5326)

School Overview


Mount Lockyer Primary School is a Level 5 Independent Public School with 620 students Pre-Primary to Year 6, located in Albany.

At Mount Lockyer Primary School, our dedicated staff and community share an unwavering commitment to unlocking the full potential of every student. In our inclusive learning environment, we celebrate the rich diversity of our students, ensuring that each child feels valued and supported. We believe in the transformative power of strong partnerships between the school and home, recognizing that this collaboration is integral to the success of every student in our care.

Our collaborative spirit is the foundation of whole-school improvement, fostering accountability among all staff for sustained advancements in student learning. We take pride in delivering a dynamic learning program aligned to the Principles of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment from the Western Australian Curriculum.

Working together ensures school improvement is sustainable and there is continuity in student learning. We pride ourselves on providing an inclusive learning environment that caters for the diversity of the students in our care. We believe developing strong partnerships between the school and home is integral to the success of the students who attend this school.

Our Vison: Develop adaptable learners, nurture wellbeing, and empower future leaders to contribute positively to society.
Our Purpose: To provide every child with access to high quality evidence-based instruction and enable each student to achieve growth year after year.
Our Values
At Mount Lockyer Primary School,
*CARE forms the foundation of our supportive community, where every individual is valued.
*COMPASSION guides our interactions, fostering empathy and understanding.
*EXCELLENCE drives us to achieve our best academically, ethically, and personally, empowering us to make a positive impact on ourselves, others, and our world.

Mount Lockyer Primary School is a school that strives for excellence with the belief that all students can achieve when provided with the right opportunities. Together we can, and will, achieve this vision.