Esperance Primary School (5163)

School Overview

Esperance Primary School is a distinctive school located 740km south-east of Perth on the picturesque south east coast of WA. Although Esperance Primary School commenced in 1894, a full replacement of the school buildings and grounds began in 2011. Students and staff commenced learning and teaching in the contemporary buildings mid-2013, with all other facilities and grounds completed in 2014.

Our school strives to meet the needs and interests of all students and reflect the values and aspirations of our school community.

As an Independent Public School, we have been empowered to make decisions best suited to the needs and interests of our students and local community. Our school supports each student to take responsibility for their learning, aim for their personal best and achieve their full potential.

Our purpose is to ensure all students leave Esperance Primary School well prepared for their secondary schooling and have opportunities to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to achieve their individual potential and play an active part in civic and economic life.

Our vision is to Inspire Personal Excellence and this guiding principle underpins our school's operations as a professional learning community.

Our student population of 502 students has mainly double streamed K-6 year levels. Our socio-economic index is in the median range. Critical and creative thinking is valued, with Students At Educational Risk (SAER) programs complementing class learning experiences. Highly regarded Primary Extension and Challenge (PEAC) and Tournament of Minds programs provide enrichment for gifted and talented students, with innovative science programs providing authentic and real life learning experiences. In 2011, we were selected as a Microsoft Innovative School and used this partnership to expand our use of information and communication technologies in our teaching and learning programs. This has strengthened student and staff opportunities and use of digital technologies and innovative practice, maximising the use of our modern facilities. In 2016, the school was selected into the TDS STEM Innovative Partnerships program.

Our staff are student and relationship focused, motivated and work collaboratively in a team environment. We highly regard strong teaching skills in literacy, numeracy, science and 21st century learning (Australian Curriculum General Capabilities).

Esperance Primary School is a Teacher Development School for Mathematics and the Early Years and a TDS STEM Innovative Partnership School. Our staff share high level expertise and classroom innovation to provide practical support for schools, networks and learning communities across the State in the successful implementation of the Western Australian Curriculum.

We value our parents and carers as partners and encourage a collaborative, mutually respectful learning and teaching environment.

Esperance Primary School is held in high regard by the local and wider community due to its achievements in student learning, quality teaching by the caring and professional staff and the shared beliefs with active and supportive families.

The School Board is setting a vision for 2016-2019 to have successful students through processes that are intended to have maximum impact on overall school performance. The strategic direction for the school is based on the:
* Pre-requisites for Successful Students (Teaching and the Learning Environment), and
* Enablers for Successful Students (Leadership, Relationships and Resources).

Our strategic and operational plans have the capacity to be achievable, improvement focused, meet all accountability and compliance requirements and strengthen our community's confidence in the performance of Esperance Primary School.