Cottesloe Primary School (5123)

School Overview

Cottesloe Primary School is a dynamic public school with a rich heritage, strong traditions and identity. This history influences the development, operation and learning environment of our school. Our school enjoys the well-deserved reputation as being a school of choice.

We are a small school by design which allows us to get to know you and your child and respond to their needs quickly and effectively. Our aim is to provide quality education that will deliver excellence in learning, critical and creative thinking, and strength of character.

We will strive to support your child to achieve their best academically, creatively and socially, both in and outside the classroom.

Our culture of high expectations and improvement ensures academic success is achieved.

Our Mindful Breathing Program will develop your child's wellbeing, promoting focus and emotional regulation.

We will work with you, other parents and the community to ensure your child develops academically, socially and emotionally.

We have a strong focus on our school values - excellence, integrity, respect, perseverance and kindness. We respond quickly and creatively to ensure all of our children are given the opportunity to succeed.

There is no doubt our students are fortunate to learn in such a calm, supportive, positive and engaging environment. Staff are privileged to be able to partner with parents and a community who is willing and able to help their children achieve to the best of their ability.

Visit our website and please contact the school to find out more about our programs or how we could meet your child's educational needs.

T: 93827300