Cottesloe Primary School (5123)

School Overview

Cottesloe Primary celebrates its 125th Anniversary in 2022.

Cottesloe Primary is committed to offering all students pathways to future success through a quality, innovative and inclusive education. An education that delivers excellence in learning, develops critical and creative thinking and fosters strength of character.

We seek Excellence in: Learning Thinking Character

We are a small school by design which allows us to get to know our students and their families and respond to their needs quickly and effectively.
We have a strong focus on our school Values - Excellence, Integrity; Respect; Perseverance and Kindness. We respond quickly and creatively to ensure all Cottesloe Primary students are given the opportunity to have success. All staff work hard to deliver an inclusive and quality education to students and have
Cottesloe Primary has developed the well-deserved reputation as being a school which reflects the community spirit and aspirations of the families from the Peppermint Grove, Cottesloe and Mosman Park area. We also accept enrolments from families outside these areas, if places are available.
Please contact the school to see if we have capacity to enroll your son or daughter.
There is no doubt our students are fortunate to learn in such a calm, supportive, positive and engaging environment. Staff are privileged to be able to partner with parents and a community who is willing and able to help their children achieve to the best of their ability, achieving the goals described in our School Vision.

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