Bunbury Primary School (5070)

School Overview

Bunbury Primary School is an Independent Public School. We are committed to achieving excellence for all of our students.

Bunbury Primary is dedicated to maintaining positive learning environments. We strive to provide an engaging learning environment by using evidence based contemporary information communication technologies, Kagan Co-operative Learning Structures, the Friendly Schools Plus Bully Prevention program, and the Positive Behaviour Support approach to behaviour management. This allows for a continuous cycle of learning that challenges students to reach their potential academically, socially and emotionally. Bunbury Primary has a strong sense of community and the school strives for excellence in teaching and individual student performance through its professional and dedicated staff.

At Bunbury Primary School our motto is Strive to Achieve. Our vision is to work together to enhance our whole school community ensuring that every child at our school reaches their potential. Our core values are: Responsibility, Compassion, Respect, Honesty, Self-discipline, Perseverance, Tolerance and Giving and Sharing. These elements are integrated into all aspects of our academic program and our approach to pastoral care and student well being.

Our expectations for behaviour are Be Responsible, Be Caring, Be Respectful, and Be Your Best. These expectations reflect our schools Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) Approach.

Our school has a rich history of high performance and achievement in academics, social behaviour, pastoral care, visual arts, performing arts, sporting events and environmental and social sustainability.

Located two hours south of Perth, Bunbury Primary School is situated in the heart of Bunbury, in an area known as the 'Tree Street Area' and is located minutes from the Bunbury city centre. Bunbury Primary School opened in 1895 at what is currently known as the Paisley Centre. This was named after the first headmaster, Mr Thomas W. Paisley. The school moved to its present site and opened on 12th February 1962.

The three wings of the school each contain four classrooms and adjoin the service and administration block to form an 'E' shaped building. Our facilities include a Library Resource Centre, a Kindergarten classroom, a Pre-Primary centre, Art, Science and Music Rooms, new Administration, upgraded playground facilities and all classrooms, office and library are air-conditioned.

As an Independent Public School we work together with our school board to develop our 3 year Business Plan with set strategic goals and performance targets to work towards.

We are committed to providing the best possible opportunities for all students. Students are encouraged and supported to compete and excel in all areas. Some academic opportunities include: Have Sum Fun, Numero, International competitions for Mathematics, English & Spelling (ICAS), Writing Competitions and the Fremantle Literature centre for Writing. We use the 'Letters and Sounds' program from K-2 and the Words Their Way program (3-6). The Letters and Sounds Program is also used as a literacy intervention program from P-6. The school has many students who are selected into the District Primary Extension and Academic Challenge (PEAC) program in year 4, 5 & 6.

Our students are involved in many sustainable projects across the school: paper and organic waste recycling, battery, mobile phone, ink cartridges, ring pulls recycling, generating power using photovoltaic cells, underground cooling to pre-primary, CSIRO Sustainable Futures Project. We have been recognised nationally for our sustainable initiatives. The school also has a vegetable garden to support classroom programs. We continue to support and work with the community on various projects and initiatives.

Our Physical Education program provides students with opportunities to learn new skills as well as opportunities to be coached by community experts in different sports. The school participates and is highly successful in the Inter-school Athletics and Swimming carnivals, Interschool Cross Country and other local sport sporting events.

Our Visual Arts program provides students with the opportunity to learn and apply skills in different mediums. Students in year 6 are also provided with the opportunity to participate in the Extension Visual Arts program at the local high school.

The Performing Arts Music program provides students with an opportunity to be part of the school choir, Drumming and/or Marimba groups and recorder. Our students are also given the opportunity to compete in the annual City of Bunbury Performing Arts Eisteddfod. Students in year 5 & 6 can also be selected to participate in the School of Instrumental Music program (SIM). Students also contribute to and participate in community music events including the National Making Music - All in Music Day and perform for local nursing homes.

Our specialist Science program operates across Pre-primary to Year 6 levels. This program has enabled our students to receive specialist teaching in science and to also utilise our new specialist Art/Science Room. The specialist program is also linked to community and classroom initiatives.

All students from Years 1-6 participate in the Language (Italian) program. Our students are provided opportunities to learn about Italian language and culture. Oral and written communication is introduced and covered across the year levels.

The school has a BYOD (iPad) program for students in Years 4-6. Bunbury Primary School has a focus on Science Technology Engineering Maths (STEM) education. Coding and robotics are part of this focus and are part of a research partnership with Curtin University. All classrooms have access to interactive digital projectors and/or white boards, class computers and banks of iPads. The library has a bank of 10 computers.

The school's Positive Behaviour Approach supports student engagement, and the social and emotional well-being of students. The approach is supported by the following programs and resources: Kagan Co-operative Learning Structures, John Hattie's Visible Learning, the Friendly Schools Plus Bully Prevention program, Friendly Kids, Friendly Classroom, Bounce Back and Kids Matter resources. The school has been acknowledged for its creative and engaging playground initiatives. The school is also featured on the National Schools Safe hub website, won an award in the 2014 Children's Week Awards, presented at state 2015 Positive Schools Conference and has been acknowledged across the state, nationally and internationally for its positive and engaging learning environment.

Our students have access to creative play engagement activities during recess and lunch to reflect different interests and stages of development across the school for all students. There are a number of initiatives that have been developed in conjunction with parents and the school P&C, including working with the City of Bunbury and the Department of Education on a parking and traffic plan which was completed in 2015. Other significant projects have included: the addition of junior and senior nature play areas, an upgrade to the school vegetable garden and the development of the Our Harmony Garden reflecting Aboriginal Cultural and other multi-cultural groups in the school.

Parents and the community are highly valued and are actively involved in supporting our school in fundraising, committees, canteen and classrooms. Both the P&C and School Board are very active and have provided a great deal of support and direction to the school. The Hands Up for Kids program welcomes community volunteers and is utilised throughout the school to support staff, students and teachers. The school communicates with parents using the school newsletter, school APP, email and school website.

For further information:
T: 08 9721 2660
E: bunbury.ps@education.wa.edu.au
W: www.bunburyps.wa.edu.au