Brunswick Junction Primary School (5067)

School Overview

The school draws its students from the town of Brunswick Junction and the surrounding rural district. The town is located on the South West Highway. It is 160 kilometres from Perth and only 25 kilometres from Bunbury.

Student enrolment (Kindergarten to Year 6) ranges from 70 to 80 students during any typical year.

The school is fortunate to have many parents and many staff members who are very positive people, who are passionate about the success of the school and who work effectively together in any situation.

The school uniform is worn with pride and reflects the healthy cohesiveness and unity the school enjoys with the students and parent community. Appropriately, the school motto is 'Unity'.

Improving the school's performance in Literacy and Numeracy is an initiative. We plan for these areas using the Austalian Curriculum and monitor individual student achievements using NAPLAN data and Teacher judgments. Literacy and Numeracy is the main focus from Monday to Thursday with literacy and numeracy blocks being conducted. Specialist classes such as Physical Education, Science and Japanese occur on Thursday and Friday.

The school has a strong focus on building the character development of each student. The school's philosophy promotes a culture that students learn to behave responsibly and become responsible learners through the provision of a meaningful and supportive environment. Our School has a 'Good Standing' policy where the students can earn points for demonstrating correct behaviour and producing exemplary work. Opportunities for student leadership are encouraged. Our Year 6 Students run a successful Student Council which involves organising many events for our students. It is not uncommon for the school to receive accolades from members of the general public and outside groups that highlight the responsible behaviour that the students demonstrate.

Pastoral Care is of upmost importance to the school. We have a School Chaplain who works extensively to support staff, students and families. A breakfast club runs from Monday to Thursday each morning and we have a strong culture of caring across the school.

Promoting the school in the local and wider community has been central to the school vision. Involvement in the School Choir, Interschool Athletic Carnivals, Leonardo Day and other events is a way in which we can showcase our school.

As well as providing additional facilities and resources for the school, the P&C Association plays an important role in promoting community interest in school matters and opportunities for parent-staff-student cooperation. Parents have an active role in improvement planning for the school through the School Council.

The grounds are spacious and attractive and help enhance the quality of the school's learning environment.

In general, the development of each student's well being is of prime importance with the opportunity of individual learning programs being set where appropriate. The school also considers physical education opportunities as important for each student's well being. A culture exists that promotes participation in physical education in an atmosphere of fun and healthy competition.