Bridgetown Primary School (5062)

School Overview

'Quality Education for All' is the moral purpose of Bridgetown Primary School and its community. Through this moral purpose we encourage all students to demonstrate our four expectations: Aim High, Be Your Best, Persevere and be Respectful.

In educating our students we provide an inclusive, caring environment, where the unique talents of each individual child are nurtured, where children are challenged to think and where excellence is encouraged.

Bridgetown Primary School sees our role as preparing our students for tomorrow's world and everything we do has this in mind. Our school provides every child with the best opportunities to enable them to reach their potential.

Our ethos is characterised by a focus on values, pastoral care, a cooperative and responsible student body, and by committed staff and parents.

In classrooms, our students learn in groups or individually, depending on what the subject is and sometimes, where they choose to sit or stand. Our classrooms are looking different as we incorporate Flexible Learning Spaces, designed to allow students some choice in how and where they learn. At times however they will be working as a whole-class group, because we have a balance of explicit (formal or directed) and student-centred (more open or informal) learning.

In recent years the school has invested heavily in Information and Communication Technology. All classes are linked to the internet and our computer laboratory is set up with state-of-the-art equipment to accommodate a full class. These, combined with the use of iPads, laptops and interactive whiteboards, create an innovative learning environment.

The school caters for all aspects of pupil development. An emphasis on scholastic achievement is supplemented by a strong physical education program and the provision of a variety of additional experiences to complement an effective educational program.

Additional interest programs include a specialist Rock Band option for Years 5 to 6, a Drumming and Dance program for Years 4 and 5, a Music program for Years 1 to 3 and a Running Club for Years 3 to 6.

The school has enjoyed a history of strong scholastic achievement and regularly enters inter school competitions where strong results are normally achieved.
The physical education program includes school and interschool sporting events.

The school currently has approximately 250 students from Kindergarten through to Year 6 and enjoys a strong relationship with the community. There is a supportive atmosphere throughout the school and wider community.

Our P&C Association is an energetic and enthusiastic group who are committed to supporting the school in many varied ways and whose generous assistance has benefited the whole school. The P&C runs the school uniform shop and with help from volunteers undertakes fundraising for facilities and other resources.

Parents are also actively involved through the School Board which is the major policy-making vehicle and has representatives from the staff, parents, administration and the community.

School events throughout the year provide opportunities for our parents and carers to meet, view their child's learning and enjoy time as a family at school.

Bridgetown Primary is an exciting place. Visitors often remark on how positive the school feels, and how happy and friendly everyone, including students and staff, appear to be.

Everything we do at Bridgetown Primary has as its guiding principle, preparing our students for the future, beyond primary school. At the same time, we like to have some fun and enjoy our successes.

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