Bridgetown Primary School (5062)

School Overview

Bridgetown Primary School was formerly established on 1st February 1870 and the school moved to its current site in 1914. Our buildings are a mix of historic and contemporary which blend together to provide a diverse learning environment. Bridgetown Primary became an Independent Public School in 2015 in recognition of our capacity and responsibility to make decisions to best support educational outcomes for our students.

As an Independent Public School, we work in a collaborative partnership with our community to ensure success for every child. Through our shared moral purpose 'Quality Education for All' we are committed to setting high expectations for both staff and students and ensuring inclusivity for all our students.

We value the importance of every child having a deep sense of belonging and connectedness to our school. We make a fundamental commitment to ensuring every child will be valued as an individual in our community through strong, meaningful and respectful relationships. We are focused on supporting the social and emotional wellbeing of our students through care, empathy and gratitude.

Our highly skilled educators utilise contemporary school wide teaching approaches to deliver teaching and learning programs that are engaging and motivating to ensure we cater for all student learning needs. Our educators are at the forefront of evidence-based educational practices. Our school wide pedagogical approaches are based on the Education Department's 'Teaching for Impact' framework. This is a combination of high impact teaching strategies and the Science of Learning.

Our Early Childhood program follows the Early Years Learning Framework and a combination of a play-based learning approach and explicit teaching instruction to develop early literacy principles.

We want every student to enjoy a positive experience at our school, to achieve their best possible educational outcomes and to leave school with the skills and attributes to make positive contributions to our community.

The school currently has approximately 220 students from Kindergarten through to Year 6 and enjoys a strong relationship with the community. There is a supportive atmosphere throughout the school and wider community.

Our P&C Association is an energetic and enthusiastic group who are committed to supporting the school in many varied ways and whose generous assistance has benefited the whole school. The P&C runs the school uniform shop and with help from volunteers undertakes fundraising for facilities and other resources.

Parents are also actively involved through the School Board which is the major policy-making vehicle and has representatives from the staff, parents, administration and the community.

School events throughout the year provide opportunities for our parents and carers to meet, view their child's learning and enjoy time as a family at school.

Bridgetown Primary is an exciting place. Visitors often remark on how positive the school feels, and how happy and friendly everyone, including students and staff, appear to be.

Everything we do at Bridgetown Primary has as its guiding principle, preparing our students for the future, beyond primary school. At the same time, we like to have some fun and enjoy our successes.

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