Boulder Primary School (5055)

School Overview

Boulder Primary School is a proud and historic school. Classified by the National Trust, the original school building was constructed of local stone in 1887. The Boulder community initially built the school to meet the needs of the 'Golden Mile'; and its history reflects the changing fortunes of gold mining in the Kalgoorlie-Boulder area. Many families have family members who have been part of the Boulder school community over generations; there is therefore a strong allegiance to the School.

Boulder Primary School is set is well established and attractive grounds. Students are taught in modern classrooms, more of which have been added to the original school. All classrooms have multimedia teaching facilities. There are dedicated science, computer and music rooms, an extensive Library, a canteen that operates every day, a dental clinic, two covered play areas, an oval and assorted playground equipment.

A rich cultural diversity is evident throughout the School, with approximately 30% of students being Aboriginal and a growing number of students from overseas countries. The school aims to provide quality learning programs in a supportive and nurturing school environment with the support and engagement of the school community.

To address the range of student needs, staff have developed a whole school approach to Literacy and Numeracy. From years 1-6 students are streamed for Literacy and additional staff are provided to support learning. Teachers across similar year levels collaborate on Numeracy programs.

Early childhood education is a focus for Boulder Primary staff. Through the whole school approach to Literacy and Numeracy, staff can identify those students who need extra support in the early years. In 2016 we also became part of the KindiLink initiative which targets 3 year old children and their parents, in particular Aboriginal families. This program has been well received and to date we have 22 families involved. The school is also building partnerships with local support agencies to better cater for all students' needs.

Programs taken by a specialist teacher across the school include: Health, Physical Education, Science and Information Technology (computers).

The School has a strong pastoral care emphasis. Support staff such as a chaplain is employed three days a week to work with individual students and families to provide additional care and guidance. There is also a robust values focus based upon the school's 'Boulder Beat' program. The program teaches students to make good choices, embrace differences and respond positively to challenges.

The staff are a dedicated, collegiate and collaborative team with a range of experience. They value the strong partnerships developed with the community both formal and informal. Formal committees include a dedicated School Council and an active, an enthusiastic P&C Association and an Aboriginal Parents' Group.

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