Boulder Primary School (5055)

School Overview

Boulder Primary School while built in 1897 provides a modern contemporary 21st century educational program to 300 students. Many generations of Boulder families have been educated here and have a strong sense of pride and loyalty to the School. The school continues to provide every student with a pathway to a successful future.

Boulder Primary School, boasting four Rhodes Scholars, strives to offer students quality programs by quality staff. Founded on positive relationships staff have high expectations of students achievement. Staff are committed to their own professional learning ensuring their knowledge and skills are reflective of current educational theory and practice.

Boulder Primary School seeks to provide a safe and calm learning environment in which students are challenged and engaged through a variety of teaching and learning programs which are designed to cater for individual needs. Boulder Primary School strives the create students who are independent, accountable and confident. Through a focus on Social Emotional Learning and Intelligence, staff at Boulder Primary School deliver programs which support students to self regulate, self manage and reflect.

Boulder Primary School values the role and contribution of Parents as the child's first educator. Based on trust and confidentiality, staff at Boulder Primary School seek to establish relationships with parents and carers that are honest, supportive, consistent and open.

Boulder Primary staff are dedicated, innovative and committed to meeting the aspirations of children and parents by maximising opportunities through whole-school initiatives in numeracy and literacy. Supported by the schools speech pathologist Boulder Primary School implements research proven literacy programs to give every student the best start to their schooling. This has seen Boulder Primary School 'progress' student achievement greater than state average. With a blend of experienced and graduate teachers Boulder Primary Schools staff deliver quality teaching and learning programs which meet individual student needs.

Boulder Primary School employees a Learning Support Coordinator to coordinate support for students and staff. The LSC works closely with School Psychologist, Occupational Therapist, Ear Bus, Community Nurse and external agencies to ensure every student has the opportunity to reach their potential.

Boulder Primary School focuses on the Early Years of Education through the Kindilink Program targeting Aboriginal students aged three by supporting the development of early literacy and numeracy skills and provides a transition program from home to school. Boulder Primary School caters for individual student abilities by providing specialist programs in Physical Education, Health, Science and the Performing Arts.

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