Boulder Primary School (5055)

School Overview

On visiting Boulder Primary School, you will experience first-hand a snippet of Goldfield's heritage. Built in 1897 from local stone, Boulder Primary School seeps in history. Generations of Boulder families have been educated here and have a strong sense of loyalty to the School.

While our history is highly prised, the staff at Boulder Primary School strive to offer students quality programs by quality staff. To heighten each child's opportunity to learn and thrive, we do our utmost to create a safe, welcoming and dynamic learning environment, where culture, abilities, interests, and talents are valued. Parent and community members are welcomed and encouraged to work with us to provide all students with the best possible education. In the words of our School Board; 'to be the village that raises the child'.

In 2018 Boulder Primary School applied for Independent Public School status (IPS) with strong support and representation from the school community. This was granted, demonstrating the belief that Boulder Primary School is an effective school. We now start in 2019 as an IPS.

Boulder Primary staff are dedicated to meeting the aspirations of children and parents by maximising opportunities through whole-school initiatives in numeracy and literacy and providing a seamless transition from early childhood to middle school education.

To build on the talents of students, we have introduced an extensive performing arts program in 2019 covering music and drama for all students then instrumental ensemble, choir, Drumbeat, Aboriginal dance and Jump Jam as optional subjects for students in years 4 - 6.

We also run programs by specialist teachers in Physical Education, Health, Science and the Performing Arts.

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