Bassendean Primary School (5030)

School Overview

Bassendean Primary School first opened as West Guildford Primary School in October 1906. In 1922 the West Guildford area, along with the school, was renamed Bassendean.

In 2018 with community and staff support we became an Independent Public School. Bassendean Primary School implements the identified values, focus outcomes and strategic directions of the Department of Education. We aspire to be a school of excellence where students strive to achieve and be successful. We aim to develop students who are confident and positive in developing meaningful relationships and have an understanding that each individual is different. As educators in partnership with parents, our greatest aspiration is that our students will grow up to be adults who contribute positively to their world.

Our teaching methods and standards are in line with the Western Australian Curriculum. We are reflective of our practices and future focussed on improvement. Our students are provided with support and opportunities to become self and socially aware.

As part of our Pastoral Care we have implemented Kids Matter and the social and emotional learning program - Bounce Back. We have a case managed approach to our Student Services Team which comprises of the Principal, Deputy Principal, Learning Support Co-ordinator, School Chaplain, a Student Services Support Worker, and School Psychologist.

We have specialist teachers delivering an integrated curriculum in Visual and Performing Arts, Indonesian and Health and Physical Education. Bassendean Primary School also has a Choir which participates in annual festivals and at various community events. It also performs as part of Valley Voices, which is a Network initiative.

The Arts has a strong tradition in the local community. An in-school art exhibition is held annually with selected pieces entered in the Town of Bassendean Art Exhibition. Students have the opportunity to particiate in the Speech and Drama Festival which is held annually at Governor Stirling Senior High School and involves a range of primary and secondary schools in the local area.

Our students participate in a wide range of sports throughout the year including swimming lessons, school swimming carnival, cross country, athletics, gymnastics, winter sports, inter-school carnivals, EduDance and a range of specialist sports clinics. The school also participates in the Department of Sport and Recreation's 'Active After School Program'. Programs are coordinated each term and run for eight weeks.

In 2019, in conjunction with the Town of Bassendean and the Department of Transport we are participating in the Your Move Program. This porgram works with schools, and communities to encourage active travel, and reduce our carbon footprint on the environment. They are encouraging Fume Free Ways of coming to and leaving school. More widely we have developed a 'War on Waste' program, which aims to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Families are encouraged to provide 'nude food' and we have a series of bin systems to minimise our landfill waste.

Our Year 6 students participate in the River Rangers Cadet Program. The WA Cadets River Rangers is a primary school program hosted by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions and is sponsored by the Department of Communities. It aims to empower students to make positive change to their local communities and waterways and ultimately, their local river park. The program focuses environmental education and enquiry based action research and collaborative learning. Education for Sustainability underpins the River Ranger process with a strong focus on developing team work, leadership, initiative and problem solving.

Our byline 'Service and Loyalty' is embedded in the work we do through our connections with the community. As a school we are committed to each other as our values embody kindness and respect. We believe it is important to serve the community through engaging the students in the volunteer, leadership and sustainability programs at our school which will in turn create a better future for our students to live and participate in.

In consultation with the community a shared Vision, Values and Goals statement was agreed upon. This statement articulates our beliefs as a school community.

Our School Vision is to provide a positive and safe environment that enriches each child's desire to learn, encouraging them to become happy, responsible, confident members of our community while striving for academic excellence.

Care, Courtesy, Respect and Responsibility.
In 2018 we revisited our core values with students, staff and the community. The 4 key values are articulated in student friendly phrases and encourages common language between staff and students across the school:

I show care when I:
o value myself because I am a unique person
o am kind
o help others
o look after the environment

I show courtesy when I:
o use my manners
o acknowledge others
o am polite and considerate
o speak appropriately and listen to others

I show respect when I:
o consider the feelings of others
o follow the school rules
o accept we are all different
o look after my belongings and others people's property

I show responsibility when I:
o am honest and reliable
o act safely
o do my best
o attend to my learning and I let others learn

Everyone who learns, works and interacts with Bassendean Primary School share an educational environment founded on the following key values and understandings:

o Show respect for ourselves, each other and our environment;
o Achieve our individual potential through the pursuit of knowledge, values and a commitment to excellence;
o Act with honesty and integrity in all we do;
o Take responsibility for our actions;
o Value diversity as demonstrated by the empathy we have for others;
o Show pride in our school and community;
o Appreciate our Australian heritage; and
o Display citizenship as a valued member of the community.

As a community we will strive to achieve the following goals:

o Show responsibility in the applications of skills, knowledge and values in order to make appropriate decisions;
o Learn constructively by participating fully in all class activities and
o Demonstrate care and respect in the way they deal with others, particularly towards those who are perceived as being different.

o Be proactive, responsive and approachable;
o Recognise and care for the individual needs of all students and
o Create an enthusiastic and positive learning environment.

o Participate actively and constructively in their child's education;
o Show respect and support for the endeavours of staff in recognition of their position as dedicated professional role models; and
o Cooperate with the school in meeting the challenges and opportunities of educating our children.

Welcome to Bassendean Primary School, we look forward to being part of your child's learning journey.