Augusta Primary School (5017)

School Overview

Augusta Primary School is located in the beautiful seaside town of Augusta where the Indian and Southern Ocean meet, and the whales annually come to play. In this unique location we have a wealth of history and landmarks, featuring the Leeuwin Lighthouse; the tallest mainland lighthouse in the Southern Hemisphere. Augusta and the primary school have a strong sense of community where everybody works together to achieve and build success across a range of domains.

On entering the school grounds, you will be met by native bushland and lovely gardens. Enjoy strolling through our spacious school grounds. You will instantly see our modern and well-resourced Library thanks to kind donations from our local community and the amazing fundraising efforts of our P and C.

Then, as you continue, alongside the Kindergarten building, boasts our well -established nature play area for the students. We are spoilt to be surrounded by Native bushland and in a semi-cleared area, the students have the opportunity to return to nature where they can build, imagine and play as children. Crossing our oval you will notice our purpose built sustainable shed where students recycle and manufacture new materials.

The school prides itself with its strong sustainability focus equipping the students to be responsible for the future. We are also proud to be a Waterwise and Waste Wise school. We have a flourishing vegetable garden, just beyond the shed, where each student has the opportunity to become skilled in gardening, composting and worm farming. Connected to the garden is our school kitchen/canteen that allows the students to cook and create using the abundant organic produce.

As you continue through our school grounds, you will see how fortunate we are to have our very own Performing Arts Building, Science/ Art Room and Japanese Learning Centre. Despite our small size, all the students have the opportunity to innovate and imagine using the latest technology and advancements in Education. Throughout the school, you will come across a variety of areas which allow students to fully engage in both creative and structured outdoor and sporting activities. Students enjoy the physical challenge of a rope climber, and the dedicated junior and senior climbing equipment which are both protected by impressive shade structures.

Finally, you will enter our large undercover area. This is where we all come together and you will be welcomed to join in whole school and community functions. Student discos, open nights, performances and special events/ceremonies are regular features throughout the year in this area.

Augusta Primary School eagerly participates in community events and prides itself on its partnerships with both voluntary groups and local companies. Many of our programs are community focused encouraging our students to interact with community members and contribute to their town. We also engage our community members to part take in a number of school activities.

We are an Independent Public School with a stable and enthusiastic leadership. We have a cohesive and devoted staff of classroom teachers, specialist teachers in Science, Japanese and Physical Education, quality education assistants, and dedicated ancillary staff.

The care and dedication our long standing staff have for the school is clearly evident. They provide a safe environment for children to learn, a commitment to providing the best education for each child as well as having enthusiasm when encouraging a child to reach their potential.
We are proud to be a 'Kids Matter School'; putting children at the forefront of everything we do. We also operate under an 'Open Door Policy', inviting parents and caregivers into the school to take part in their child's learning journey.