Allendale Primary School (5007)

School Overview

Allendale Primary School is located in central Geraldton, a coastal town four hundred and twenty kilometres North of Perth in Western Australia.

It is a Level 5 Independent Public School for Kindergarten to Year 6 with an enrollment of 392 students in 2021. Our families live primarily in Wonthella and its surrounding suburbs. Allendale Primary is part of the Geraldton Network of schools.

Allendale Primary is committed to delivering a blend of explicit and direct instruction in the core curriculum areas of English and Maths. The staff at Allendale Primary School consists of skilled graduates and experienced educators who are all focused on delivering evidence based approaches in their classrooms. The engagement of two Core Curriculum Coaches (1.4 FTE) to support teaching staff in EI/DI delivery over the life of the 2021-2023 business plan reflects the school's commitment to collective pedagogical efficacy.

Outside of English and Maths blocks, integrated programming with links to real life applications and employment opportunities is a focus. In 2023 Allendale Primary accepted an invitation from Greenfields PS, Serpentine PS and Medina PS to join The Knowledge Project, a collegiate group who are working to develop and share knowledge based units of work.

The values of Respect, Courtesy, Responsibility and Honesty are embedded in Allendale Primary culture and reflect our overall beliefs as a Positive Behaviour Support school. The APS Executive Team have high expectations for both staff and students and strongly contest that every student can achieve academic and social success, every single day.

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