Adam Road Primary School (5001)

School Overview

Adam Road Primary School
An Independent Public School

Adam Road Primary School was opened in February 1967. The school caters for Kindergarten to Year 6 students and in recent years the student population has been in excess of 500. The school has 25 classrooms including; two Kindergartens, three Pre Primaries and purpose build specialist facilities for music, art and science. The school also has a large, modern library and an extensive playground which include nature play areas.

School Purpose
Our Vision
Adam Road Primary School is a school of distinction, guiding students on the road to success by providing opportunities for the development of the whole child through the academics, the arts, sport and pastoral care.

School Beliefs
We believe students learn best when they

Feel safe, valued and respected
Therefore we:
* Provide a positive and inclusive environment by promoting and explicitly teaching our core values.
* Build a rapport that reflects mutual respect, care and trust which leads to effective learning.

Are challenged, engaged and accountable for their learning
Therefore we:
* Set explicit criteria and expectations clearly understood by all students
* Provide opportunities that challenge students to explore, build knowledge, create, make connections and find solutions.
* Use strategies that require participation and/or collaboration by all, to reach effective outcomes.

Have a positive relationship with the school and class teacher
Therefore we:
* Accept the differences that each child brings to the classroom and use this knowledge to build positive educational relationships.
* Explicitly teach skills that are required to build relationships.

Are provided with opportunities to succeed
Therefore we:
* Use relevant programs or strategies that cater for individual differences.
* Provide timely, constructive feedback and opportunities for self-reflection.

School Values
Respect Endeavour Responsibility Tolerance and Resilience

The school values are embedded in daily school operations and students are acknowledged when displaying these values.

School Code of Conduct
Be Safe Be Respectful
This simple code of conduct places responsibility with all students to demonstrate appropriate behaviour at all times.

School Priorities
* A consistent, whole school approach to the delivery of core curriculum areas.
* To support all staff to meet the needs of a wide range of student abilities.
* To provide a broad curriculum with strong specialist programs in music, art, science and physical education.
* To challenge more able students though our Argonauts Program. Selected students participate in philosophy and STEM based programs.
* To develop literacy skills with an Early Intervention Speech and Language Program supported by a Speech Pathologist.

Parent / Community Involvement
* School Board.
* Parents and Citizens Associations.
* Kids Hope Mentors.
* Hands up 4 Kids - reading support.
* Parents and community members volunteering for general classroom support.
* Family Picnics.
* A variety of school activities and carnivals.

* School Star App
* School Website
* Parent Information Sessions
* Fortnightly Newsletter
* Message You - SMS Communication Service
* Parent / Teacher Interviews are encouraged

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