Baldivis Secondary College (4190)

School Overview

Baldivis Secondary College is a vibrant and thriving learning community nestled just 46km south of Perth. Our mission is to provide an exceptional school experience for every student, fostering learning, wellbeing, and personal growth. We are dedicated to equipping our students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to achieve personal excellence in all aspects of life.

At the heart of our vision lies the student. We aspire for each and every student to excel, grow, and take ownership of their education and wellbeing. Our dedicated educators play a central role in creating the perfect environment for student success, and their values and beliefs form the bedrock of our excellent teaching practices.

In partnership with parents and the broader community, we empower our students to hey become active contributors to our school community, embracing challenges, seizing opportunities, and ultimately shaping the world around them.

Our college pillars of respect, excellence, knowledge, integrity, and unity provide a strong foundation for social responsibility and a sense of belonging, fostered through collaboration between students, families, the college, and the wider community.

At Baldivis Secondary College, we prioritise the holistic development of each child - intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and cultural. Our commitment to their wellbeing is driven by an unwavering passion for education and care.

Embracing diversity is a core strength of our identity as a proudly public and inclusive school. We believe that all students deserve challenging and engaging learning programs tailored to their individual needs. Our teachers develop these programs, drawing from students' interests, strengths, goals, and learning requirements, ensuring a comprehensive approach that addresses their cognitive, emotional, physical, social, and aesthetic needs.

Beyond the walls of our college, we are an integral part of the Baldivis community, constantly seeking opportunities to enhance partnerships and connections within the local and wider community. Our collaborative approach extends to our partner primary schools, local universities, TAFE WA, businesses, industries, and community organizations, all working together to prepare our students for success beyond graduation.

The essential partnership between students, teachers, and parents lies at the heart of our educational philosophy. We ensure that everyone feels seen, heard, and valued within our learning environment, promoting a sense of belonging and an enjoyable learning experience built on respect.

At Baldivis Secondary College, we are committed to providing the best resources, facilities, curriculum, and programs, ensuring that each individual can reach their full potential and attain their level of excellence.

For more information about Baldivis Secondary College, please contact us at:
T: 9523 3600