Safety Bay Senior High School (4128)

School Overview

At Safety Bay Senior High School we are proud of our ability to provide a high quality public education for all our students. We promote excellence in a wide array of pursuits and work with the community to build a bright future for all of our students. Our school community is committed to ensuring students dare to strive to 'Imagine, Believe and Achieve', our school motto, which highlights our aspirational nature.

Situated on the coast 50 kilometres south of Perth, Safety Bay Senior High School is an Independent Public Secondary School catering for approximately 1130 students in Years 7 to 12. We challenge our students to develop the capacity to be lifelong learners where every member of the school community is dared to 'Imagine with all our minds, Believe with all our heart and Achieve with all our might'.

We have two state endorsed specialist programs being Football (Soccer) and Cheer-Dance. Students in these programs have won numerous state and national championships in both Soccer and Cheerleading over the years and have represented the State and Australia at representative level. We also offer other engaging school based programs for students; Pathfinders (academic extension), music, languages and vocational education, all of which challenge students to excel in a supportive environment.

Our flexible learning areas are technology rich with ready access to computers, internet and highly developed on-line learning experiences. A gymnasium, theatre, resource centre, playing fields, artificial turf, fitness centre, tennis, netball, basketball courts, workshops, kitchens, photography studio, career centre and technology labs are some of the facilities designed to support the delivery of innovative and effective classroom practice.

Our strategic plan has a clear focus on academic rigour and a desire to provide engaging learning opportunities for all students to achieve success. This is supported by the balance of experience and youth within the staff profile, which ensures depth of curriculum knowledge and innovative delivery. Staff are committed to the school and its students, as reflected by the large number who have been in the school for 5 years or longer.

Partnerships supporting the provision of a broad and comprehensive education exist with State Training providers, universities, businesses and local senior high schools. The Peron Alliance of Curriculum and Teaching (PACT) is a collaboration between seven local secondary schools that ensures students have a wide range of curriculum choice in Years 11 and 12.

Our student services team fosters the development of every child academically, socially and emotionally, by providing individual support and case management, where necessary, together with a range of school wide programs and services. Parents are enabled and encouraged to work in collaboration with teachers through Connect to access learning tasks and student results. This online initiative provides a greater connection for parents to the classroom and provides a greater level of support for our students.

Since becoming an Independent Public School in 2011, we at Safety Bay Senior High School have continued to focus on quality planning, leadership and teaching. These actions together with ongoing community and parental involvement, has ensured every child is provided with the opportunity to Imagine, Believe, Achieve.