Greenwood College (4122)

School Overview

At Greenwood College we support students to adopt a growth mind-set in all their endeavours, to engage in education for life, to develop resiliency and ensure their readiness for pathways beyond school.

Specialist Programs:

We offer Department of Education accredited programs in Aviation and Volleyball, we also have Music and Elite Dance programs.
Each program is designed to support students excel in a specialist field and prepare for pathways beyond school.

The College provides high quality teaching and learning focused on academic success, innovative and specialised educational programs with strong pastoral care to provide support and assistance for students when required.
Student learning and wellbeing are paramount. Every child is expected to achieve their very best. We acknowledge that the teenage years are a time when young people need CARE.

We provide CARE (Cooperation. Achievement. Respect. Engagement) to every student with all staff committed to our values. Instilling these values in every student as they progress through the College,further equips them for their life beyond school.

The multicultural diversity of the College is unique. Students from all parts of the world enrol at Greenwood College, which is supported by the Intensive English Centre (IEC) and become a part of our culturally diverse, tolerant and vibrant student population.

The Intensive English Centre caters for the needs of students who have recently arrived in Western Australia from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. At any one time up to 40 different nationalities and languages are represented within the centre. Small classes, expert staff and culturally sensitive pastoral care are features of our centre. We aid and support the students transition into mainstream school and life in Australia.

As an Independent Public School catering for students from Year 7 - 12 we are committed to
- promoting equity, excellence and relevance in the education of every student;
- encouraging mutual respect, trust and recognition of individual worth;
- developing students' self-esteem and a rational and confident belief in their own potential;
- encouraging the concept of all people working together cooperatively for the good of society and self, without discrimination;
- continuing to improve communication within the College and the community it serves;
- providing students with a caring and courteous learning environment; and
- continuing to foster the notion of participative decision-making throughout the College community.

Our school is well supported by the community with an active P&C body contributing to the success of our College.

We welcome your enrolment enquiry and encourage you to discover more about our school by viewing our website at