Lynwood Senior High School (4113)

School Overview

Lynwood Senior High School is an Independent Public School that caters for students in Years 7 - 12. We have a reputation for our outstanding approach to the care of every student, together with a commitment to their academic success across all our programs in the school.

We celebrate many successes, including the 2018 winner of the WA Education Awards for Secondary School of the Year. One of our key focuses is the mentoring of our students, combined with a unique pastoral care program based on positive psychology, supporting each student to achieve their potential. The Everyday Leader Program offers social and emotional learning from Years 7 to 12, assisting students to develop an empowering, unshakeable belief about their own self-worth and personal value. Students are supported to find personal success through learning, and develop the skills required to confidently pursue their path beyond school.

With students from sixty different nationalities, the school's diversity and respect for difference is a feature of school life, enabling students to become positive and resilient, confident and enthusiastic about their futures and the contribution they can make to our community. An Intensive English Centre (IEC) supports the development of language skills, central to the development of children new to Australia, and to the integration of their families into new communities. Lynwood's core values of Inclusivity, Empathy, Equity, Respect, Resilience, Creativity and Achieving our Personal Best and the building of relationships based on Fairness and Inclusivity are keys to the effectiveness of our learning environment.

Lynwood is a unique school which specialises in Sustainability Education, both socially through a strong focus on building respectful and caring relationships with others and environmentally, with a focus on the part our students will play in the world of tomorrow. This focus has created a strong and positive culture within our school with Lynwood being the only Departmentally recognised Specialist School for Environment and Life Sciences with opportunities for students' state-wide to apply for and attend this specialist course from Years 7 to 10.

Lynwood Senior High School offers a broad curriculum including an approved Specialist Soccer Program which is open to state-wide applicants, and a comprehensive choice of General, ATAR and Vocational Education and Training pathways for Year 11 and 12 students. Lynwood's success in preparing students for university in both the Sciences and Humanities is well documented with many students consistently in the top 5% of university entrance scores. A Secondary Student Engagement Program in Year 11 and 12 called the Learning Environmental Academic Flexible (LEAF) Program and a Year 10 support program called ACCESS 10 meet the needs of a wide variety of our students.

Lynwood is gradually implementing a teaching methodology known as Explicit Instruction, guided by Dr Lorraine Hammond from Edith Cowan University and the work of Ybarra and Hollingsworth. This reinforces our strong belief in research based teaching and learning practices to improve outcomes for students. With a strong focus on community, the school promotes an inclusive environment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students; the Moorditj Waangkiny (Good/Solid Talk) Committee works hand in hand with the student committee, Birdiya Koorlanga (Boss children or young leaders). A native garden, Ngalark Karlup, is used to host events, and is an important meeting and teaching space.

Lynwood is complex, diverse and much loved by the school community and staff. The passion and commitment of students, staff and community members working together in a spirit of absolute positivity about what our students can achieve, is a significant hallmark of this very successful school.